3 Ways to Free Your Mind of Past Mistakes

3 Ways to Free Your Mind of Past Mistakes


It’s unfortunate how the significant mistakes in life bring a horrible dose of despair and utter sadness along with them. It can get even worse when those memories keep coming back every night and make it impossible to go to bed in a good mood.

People like this usually find their nights to be ending at the bottom of a bottle. If you are tired of all that and ready to unburden yourself of those haunting memories, then these three ways can help you get there as soon as possible.

Write It Down

You should start by writing down every single detail. What happened, how it took place, and the aftermath. Simply writing it all down will help you capture the memory one last time before you get rid of it.

Not only that, but you can decide to help others by sharing your story online as a John Doe. No one will ever find out it’s you, but they will read your story, and it might even lead to some good feedback.

Look For the Silver Line in the Gray Clouds

After you have written the details down, it will help you see the positive of your past. Even though it may look like there isn’t any, searching for that silver lining can make it much easier to rid of it.

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Even if all you have are lessons from the past that have given you the ability to make better decisions and judgements in the present or future, then it might be your win. But if that is all you think you gained, consider digging a little deeper.

Breathe and Let It Go

This might seem crazy, but sometimes all you need to do is stop taking things so seriously. Millions of other people have gone through similar problems before, many are going through it right now, and the issue will keep plenty of people up at night in the future.

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But knowing that doesn’t really help. That is understandable. Think of the problem as your friend’s, and you see them in this situation. What do you do? You tell them to keep their head above water, and it’s all going to be alright soon enough.

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