Regarding Custom Beer Pitcher

Things To Be Considered Regarding Custom Beer Pitcher


As a craft beer lover and brewery owner, you know that the experience of enjoying a finely crafted beer goes beyond just the liquid itself. The vessel you serve it in plays a huge role in setting the vibe and leaving an impression on your customers. That’s where custom beer pitchers come in – they’re a chance to get creative and really make your brews stand out. But designing the perfect custom pitcher involves more than just slapping a logo on it. There are lots of factors to consider if you want to nail it. Let’s dive into what exactly you need to keep in mind.

1. How to reinforce branding?

Your custom beer pitcher is like a walking billboard for your brewery’s vibe and identity. Every square inch is an opportunity to reinforce that brand personality and style you’ve crafted. The colors, patterns, logos, and graphics you choose should align seamlessly with the overall look and feel you’ve already cultivated through your labels, taproom decor, merch, and more.

Whether you lean into an elegant, timeless aesthetic or go for something bold and trendy, your pitcher should instantly clue people into your brewery’s unique essence. It’s a mobile branding tool that flows from your tap room to your customers’ homes and social media feeds. With the right design touches, your pitchers can turn every pour into an on-brand experience.

2. What material works best?

Honestly, the material you choose for your custom pitchers makes a huge difference in the whole vibe. You want something that fits your brewery’s essence. Stainless steel is awesome if you’re going for that sleek, industrial, modern kind of feel. It’s durable as hell and can take a beating behind the bar. But let’s face it – there’s nothing quite like the classic, elegant look of glass for those cozy, upscale breweries.

It’s a delicate material though, so if you’re high-volume and pouring pints all night, it might not be ideal. Don’t forget to factor in other perks like insulated double-walled options if you need to keep things frosty cold. At the end of the day, weigh what aesthetic you’re going for against how tough the pitcher needs to be for your brewery’s day-to-day operations.

3. How big should pitcher be?

Sizing your custom pitcher right is crucial – too small and you’ll be constantly refilling, too big and you’re stuck pouring out half-full pitchers that go flat. Take a look at what your customers usually order. If it’s mainly pints and tasters, you’ll want a pitcher that holds maybe 4 pints max. But if you get lots of orders for full pitcher pours to share with a group, you’ll need a bigger capacity – maybe a 64 oz option.

Whatever size you choose, don’t overlook how freakin’ heavy a full pitcher gets. You don’t want your bartenders struggling to lug and pour from some mega-pitcher that could become a dropped, shattering, beer-wasting hazard. Consider both practical serving needs and comfortable portability when picking your pitcher’s dimensions.

4. Will it keep beer at the perfect temperature?

When it comes to enjoying the full flavor profile of your brews, serving temperature is everything. If you’re all about those crisp, refreshing pilsners and lagers, you may want an insulated double-walled pitcher that can keep things perfectly chilled for longer. But if you specialize in room temp ales or stouts, you’ll want a different setup. Think about how to optimize the pitcher’s design for your beer styles.

5. What design makes for easy, steady pours?

Pouring beer is an art – you need the right pitcher to help your bartenders nail it every time. Details like a comfortable, non-slip handle and weighted, stable base prevent messy spills when things get busy. You may even want measurement markings if precise pours are key. At the end of the day, you want a pitcher that makes it easy to serve up your brews looking and tasting perfect.


At the end of the day, designing awesome custom pitchers for your brewery takes some serious thought. You have to find the perfect balance of branding, functionality, style, and vibe that speaks to your business. But when you nail that harmonious blend of eye-catching design and brilliant practicality? That’s when your custom pitchers and promotional gel ice packs become so much more than just vessels – they’re an integral part of your customer’s unforgettable beer experience.

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