What Is the Better Option

What Is the Better Option? – Smoking or Vaping Marijuana


There is a modern alternative to smoking used by people these days. It is called “vaping weed”. The process is done by heating high CBD strains or weed to specific temperature levels maintained below the combustion point in a vaporizer. This action produces a vapor stream that is gasped via a bag.

The question here is which of these methods is better for the treatment of a health issue. Read this article to get the answer.

Pros of Vaping

Distinctive taste

Vaping provides you a distinctive taste between strains. When compared to smoking, it provides a more pronounced flavor.

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Control over temperature:

Most vaporizers come with adjustable heat settings. It does not provide control over the temperature during the session.


Vaporizing weed requires extraction of the CBD from the dry herb gradually, and effectively. One pack can provide you several sessions.


When compared to smoking, Vaping is viewed to be safer than smoking and does not lead to health risks. It does not need an open flame, an external heat source like a matchbox, or lighter. So, this benefit is devoid of accidental risks.

Cons of Vaping

Learn the right way to use the device

The first disadvantage of vaping is that you require to learn the right way to use the device. Ensure that you always remain plugged, or charged with desktop units.

Needs a grinder

Most vaporizers fail to operate without a grinder. Grinding provides more surface area and enables all of the terpenes, and cannabinoids to get extracted from the plant efficiently.


You need a good grinder if you are using a portable form of vape that operates on conduction heating.

Must be charged in:

You do not need a lighter to use a vape. However, it requires you to remain plugged into the charging socket to operate the device.

Pros of smoking

More intense

Compared to vaping, smoking dry herb produces more intense and ecstatic overall effects. The high temperatures of fire quickly release cannabinoids to offer you sedative effects.


Smoking is more cost-effective compared to vaping. It does not require a major investment. So, it fits the pocket of most of the people.

Low maintenance

Another benefit of smoking is that it requires low general maintenance compared to the vaping device.

Cons of smoking

Risks linked with combustion:

By smoking dry herbs, you ingest carcinogens, tar, and by-products such as naphthalene, benzene, and toluene that pose health risks to a person.

Less control:

Smoking provides you less control over the overall experience.

Stronger odor:

Smoke produces a strong smell that can be easily detected from a long distance. Sometimes, it can become unbearable for people.


Vaping weed and smoking are two different ways that have the potential to get you ripped. Depending on what you wish from the experience will determine the right selection between them.

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If you look for a safer and discreet method to toke, then you should go for vaping. If you want to get fully blazed, then smoking is the most affordable method to make it happen.

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