Make your marriage start more spectacular than your wedding- Top Honeymoon locations in India

Make your marriage start more spectacular than your wedding- Top Honeymoon locations in India


When it comes to deciding the best spot to relish the most amazing days of your life, I know it gets challenging. With the endless options of honeymoon sites all over the planet, it can be a big job to deicide a single location. But that’s not a big deal if the preference is common. Be it beaches, mountains, forests, or hill stations; you can get countless names on the list.

Choose among the best options in our country for your honeymoon, to let your significant half and yourself reminisce about in the future years. If you choose to spend your honeymoon in the most attractive beaches in India, the best is here for you. How does Goa sound to you?

Let’s dive into the magic of the most famous beach spot in India- Goa.

A small part of the West coast happens to be this heavenly arena named Goa. It is one of the smallest states in the country; however, one of the most demanding and appreciated spot to discover the beauty of nature. This is the land of laid-backness. You will never feel short of hospitality amidst the Goans. With myriad choices of cafes, restaurants, trendy bard, your nightlife in Goa is definitely going to be the best honeymoon days ever dreamt of. It is ways a great spot to visit, even if you are tight in your pocket after having a grand wedding. With a 100 km long stretched coastline, Goa is a land of numerous beaches, enough to last long in your memory pages for lifelong.

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Best time to visit– Summer is not a good choice to visit Goa. It can get sweaty with the frequent temperature fluctuations. The best months to be a part of Goa-beauty are November to February. The monsoons are also an excellent time to where tourists rush at peak. Thus June to September can even steam up your honeymoon days and nights.

Location Guide– Goa is an easily accessible location. You can choose either airways or railways to reach Goa. Trains will take you to Vasco da Gama railway station that is the nearest one to Goa, or the Goa airport if you choose to fly to the location.

The top 15 honeymoon spots in Goa you would love to visit.

Among the countless mesmerizing beaches and exciting places in Goa, we have selected the top most appreciated and loved spots, for your honeymoon schedule.

  1. Calangute Beach- The largest beach in North Goa is the Calangute, stretching from Candolim to Baga. It is well connected with the other beaches, and you can get the best options for accommodations out here. The sheer size and fame, this is a vibrant hub for new wedded couples and backpackers from all over the globe.
  2. Basilica of Bom Jesus- This historic church in Goa is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was built in the year 1594. You can guess how much history this place has to offer you. Even after 400 years of its existence, it drips of royalty and excellence of architecture.
  3. Fort Aguada- Located in North Goa, this fort is a 17th-century Portuguese heritage, hosting Mandovi River and Arabian sea around itself. The remnants of the fort stand at the Sinquerim Beach, nearly 18 kilometers from Panjim, the state capital of Goa. The four-fold lighthouse and the stunning sunset view will mesmerize your honeymoon evenings.
  4. Baga Beach-Baga is among the most appreciated and famous beaches of Goa in the North of the state. Located close to Calangute Beach, Baga Beach is nearly 30kns North of Panjim. The dazzling nightlights of Baga Beach are famous among romantic lovers. Baga Beach is also a hub for numerous water sports. So if adventure is also mentionable in your romance diary, do visit Baga Beach and unleash the excitement and adventure of the most famous Beach in Goa.
  5. Dudhsagar Falls- This waterfall is one of the best attractions in the South Goa region and happens to be the tallest among all in Goa. It is a top-notch visit place in Mollem National Park and is located some 60kms from the Karnataka border. The literal meaning of the waterfall is ‘Sea of Milk.’ It is a three-tiered waterfall, rushing down with an immense gust of water effortlessly down the hills.
  6. Anjuna Beach- Located in the North of Goa, Anjuna Beach is one of its kinds. It is not more than 21kms from Panjim, hosting a hippie paradise that will keep you amazed. The rocky outcrops, golden coastline, beach shacks, night parties, and flea markets will rush give you an adrenaline-rushed adventure.
  7. Dona Paula– This location is undoubtedly among the most amazing sites in Goa, located not more than 7kms away from Panjim. Lover’s Paradise- the other name of this place justifies the worth and serene artifacts of the place. It’s the aptest location to dive into an uninterrupted romance with your loved one during your honeymoon days. It also hosts a jetty around it, the Dona Paula Jetty. Another breathtaking view of this place is the ‘Image of India’ statue. This statue depicts mother India along with Young India, and is a serene whitewashed figure, standing amidst the flawless gusts of waves.
  8. Chapora Fort- This site is located around 10 km from Mapusa and is undeniably one of the topmost forts in Goa. Built by the Portuguese, this beautiful structure dates back to 1717. It is more renowned as ‘DilChahta Hai Fort’ and stands out to be the spot of the 2001 Bollywood attraction. Along with the scintillating landscape and beautiful views of the sea, Chapora can bet to rank your list high enough.
  9. Butterfly Beach- South Palolem in the Cacona region hosts this mesmerizing beach called Butterfly Beach. It is also famous as Honeymoon Beach. Sounds enticing? This beach is the most secluded among all the other beaches in Goa and is easily accessible with jetties and boats. Dive into the most romantic phase of your honeymoon, along with the beauty of this beach.
  1. Arambol Beach– Another Beautiful and serene beach, located in the North Goa is the Arambol Beach. This beach is relatively less crowded and unexploited by regular tourism. Being one of the most extraordinary beaches in Goa, Arambol has a typical Bohemian feeling added to the spectacular serenity, which attracts tourists from all over the globe.
  2. Vagator Beach– Located in the northernmost beach of BardezTtaluka in Goa, Vagator Beach is one of the first hippie haunts of Goa. The dramatic crimson cliffs and the freshwater springs are the most impeccable attractions of the place. This beach is split into two main beaches along the seaside.
  3. Palolem Beach– If a place has to be called Paradise, then It the Palolem Beach in Goa. It is located at the southern tip and is approximately 38 kilometers from Madgaon. There is no wonder that this beach remains at the top list for both domestic as well as international travelers. Beach parties, beach bars, and night sight of this beach are to die for. It is more like Heaven on earth and thus is also termed as the White Sand Paradise. Until the late 1980s, this beach was least explored and still a virgin beach. However, with time, eventually tourists started intruding on the beach. The most eye-catching attractions of this beach are the ferry rides, dolphins, and the adjacent Butterfly Beach or Honeymoon Beach.
  4. Colva Beach– Located in the south Goa region, this spot is among the most captivating locations in Goa and is the most visited site for tourists from all over the globe. The luxurious lifestyle and elite class villas and houses speck the village from all sides. The nonchalant mesmerizing ambiance is something that pulls tourists again and again to this place.
  5. Morjim Beach– Often referred to as the ‘Little Russia’, this beach is one of the most tranquil spots of Goa. This undoubtedly amazing beach in the North Goa is one of the three beaches that reside along the coastline of Goa, the other two being Galgibaga and Agonda Beach. The name Little Russia has been given to this location due to the frequent visit of Russians to this spot, who stay here for more than a month every year. The protected nature is alluring and breathtaking.
  6. Thalassa– This green Taverna is among the most popular and appreciated restaurants in Goa. The rocky cliffs, picturesque the Arabian Sea, and the hamlet of Vagator make this place a reverberating site. The cultural aroma of Greece and the exotic quality of food adds superiority to this open-air restaurant. The stunning landscape and the amazing view of the sea soothe down the soul. There is also an excitement in live music and gorgeous decorations along with the corners of the restaurant, leaving you jaw-dropped.

These were some of the most amazing zones of Goa you can plan your honeymoon in. The list can go long. Plan your days of love with the hot places on the list.

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