How Should You Select and Wear A Mask During COVID-19 Situation?

How Should You Select and Wear A Mask During COVID-19 Situation?


Ever since the pandemic corona virus has spread all over the world, the medical communities are totally clueless about finding necessary solution to prevent spreading.

There is no doubt that this virus is highly contagious, as within few months it has taken the whole world in their backfoot. From last few months, doctors and medical professionals are struggling to save their patients.

In the USA, almost 1000 deaths are occurring daily due to this pandemic situation and the invention of proper vaccine is the only solution now.

CDC has however given their guideline and urged people to wear a facial mask that should cover their nose and mouth. As a result, there was shortage of masks in the market and authorities forced to make bulk order protective masks to meet immediate demand.

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How to select the right mask?

According to CDC, one can make any simple home-made mask by using cotton fabric which is good enough to provide protection from virus, while moving within the people where maintaining social distance can be really challenging.

Still according to many experts, in order to make these masks more effective, following few things must be considered.

1.Have multiple layers

Make sure that you have got multiple layers in the fabric used for the mask, so that chances of entering any viral particles can be minimized as much possible.

If you use a middle layer like a coffee filter between two layers of fabric then your mask will be more effective. You can leave its one side without stitching so that it will be used like pocket for the coffee filter.

2.Select right fabric

Choose your fabric such that it can filter out better as compared to others. Typically, a thick or denser fabric will be more suitable instead of finer clothes.

Make sure that fabric is easily washable. If you prefer to buy such masks from online then you must choose the fabric carefully.

1.Ensure right fit

Mask should completely cover your mouth and nose and must extend an inch or little more past ends of the mouth.

It must fit snugly but comfortable against both sides of face and not interfere with your breathing.

Few other precautions to observe

While wearing such masks you must also observe these additional precautions too.

1.Regularly wash your hands

Besides wearing masks, it is also important that you must wash your hands by either soap and water or any sanitizer for minimum 20 seconds before wearing mask.

1.Avoid adjusting your masks

Try to refrain from adjusting the position of the mask frequently so that your hand may not touch your face more. While speaking you should not put down the mask.

1.Remove carefully

Before removing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly so that your dirty hand should not touch your face, nose and mouth while removing the mask.

2.Keep it clean

After every use, you must wash the mask by using soap and water thoroughly and dry it before you again use it next time.

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