Alcohol Treatment

How Do You Find An Alcohol Treatment Center?


Have you realized you need help with your alcohol problem? It’s never late to receive help and regain your sober life. Addiction is an issue affecting many who got into it unknowingly. Taking your first step to seek help feels extremely overwhelming, especially when the help is from a facility that considers your needs.

However, the good news is, it doesn’t matter how severe your condition might be since, with professional treatment, you will have an assurance of having a successful recovery. Visit for more information on rehab Alabama-based how to receive the best alcohol addiction treatment. The following are things to look for in the rehab center to seek help.

Levels of medical care

The level of an addition varies from one individual to another. This results in variation in the type of medical care to receive from the facility. Every rehab center focuses on checking the patient’s current alcohol use, the corresponding dependence on alcohol, any additional type of drug or substance used. Other issues are co-occurring medical and psychological health conditions and any previous attempts to quit drug use. These issues are necessary for the facility’s professionals to determine the best ways to manage patients’ addiction problems.

Medical detox

Medical professionals in a rehab facility need to offer successful detox services. Detoxification is the first and essential process that helps addicts remove toxins from their bodies. It is never an easy task, but with the help of professionals, a patient manages to go through the process. The facility needs to have skills and well-experienced staff to help addicts since some withdrawal symptoms are fatal if not monitored.

The staff should assess and evaluate the level of addiction by knowing the patient’s and family’s additional history, any pre-existing problems, etc. Such issues are important in determining how best to manage the detoxification process and guarantee the patient’s safety. The facility should provide a safe and comfortable detox.

Inpatient alcohol treatment program

An inpatient alcohol treatment program is also referred to as a residential alcohol treatment facility. These programs provide medical care for addicts who have a long-life addiction history and those who might have a series of relapses. The medical staff offers medical assistance towards helping patients have a successful detox and recovery. Patients stay within the facilities 24/7 until the program ends after the medics approve that they are fit to leave the facilities.

The residential facilities have various programs ranging from individualized and group therapies, relapse prevention skills, and skills to cope with new life after addiction recovery. In most cases, inpatient treatment programs run between 30-90 days. It’s an ample period for patients to focus solely on their recovery without experiencing distractions that might lead to relapse.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

This is also known as day programming. It’s meant to provide a relatively intensive level of care for addicted patients but in a more flexible environment. Patients don’t have to stay within the facility, unlike the inpatient program. They can commute from home and attend treatment during the day. Then, after the sessions are done, they can go home. PHP provides 4 hours of group therapy five days a week. However, it isn’t an appropriate program for persons with severe issues with addiction or co-occurring disorders.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

When patients struggle with dependencies that aren’t fatal or require 24-hour supervision, they might be recommended to consider intensive outpatient programs. These programs give patients the freedom to continue with their normal lives and only set aside a few hours for weekly therapy. The IOPs are meant to develop support mechanisms that help patients cope with a new life without depending on drugs or substances. Also, it assists patients with relapse management skills.

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