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Fantasy cricket: Love of all cricketing experts


If someone asks what the word cricket means to an Indian, he will show some of the best moments of team India and say cricket means everything to him. Cricket without India and Indians is incomplete. If team India loses we can see 135 million people losing that day. From every age, whether young or old, one can easily become a selector of playing eleven. Giving suggestions to each bowler as to where to bowl his next delivery if the bowler is having a bad day or telling the batsmen where to hit the next delivery is what an Indian child is taught from day one. When India wins any series or any big trophy or a championship one can observe thousands of Indians marching right onto the streets with national flags out and cheering for team India.

Not only in India or the subcontinent region but cricket has a huge fan base in other continents, say Australia or European Countries. Cricket is one of the oldest games. It has a huge fan following and is considered as one of the easiest sports. Everyone can play cricket easily.

The game is continuously evolving over years. Earlier cricket was played with large boundaries with unsafe helmets and protection.

But today standard kits are provided with the best safety so that injury to the players can be reduced. The game of bat and ball and players

 are directly connected to spectators watching it.

Money and strategies to earn have changed nowadays. There are various websites where people can earn money with the help of their skills or with just intuition or prediction.

One such website that will help one to earn money is by playing fantasy cricket. One has observed many big names advertising the application that allows one to play fantasy games. First of all, what is fantasy cricket and how can one play fantasy cricket are the two things which spark one’s mind when he hears the above-given contexts.

Fantasy cricket is an online prediction game in which a player has to select eleven players combining both teams. One player can take a maximum of seven players from one team. Game is played by joining contests by adding money or by playing practice contests.

There are a variety of contests that are available on the application for one to choose from. The difference in the competition is the number of winnings or contest entry fees or being the difference in the number of players playing the contest.

Some reasons for playing the game of bat and ball on the mobile phone are:-

1.One of the biggest advantages of playing fantasy cricket is that one can earn money from just predicting and trusting their intuition. It is legal and can be used in any part of the country

2.It is free to download and for use and easily accessible. One can use it from anywhere, let it be his bus while working in their office or while traveling.

3.It can be played by every section of society let it be a young teenager or a person who has been working in the office. Just removing out the phone, making the team and joining the desired contest and just sitting back and watching the players play.

4.Its interface is made in such a way that makes it a user-friendly application.

5.Best part is it provides a good payment option, that is the money will not be deducted or cannot get linked out from one’s account with the user’s permission. Thus no false transaction can take place.

6.One can get more knowledge about the particular sports as he is completely involved.

7.One can compete with their friends and add as many members as they want in their contest.

Here are Some of the tips to play fantasy cricket-:

1.To have a look at player’s performance: –

The first one needs to look for while selecting the player in his fantasy team is that he needs to look for his recent form. How the player has been performing in the past few matches from the last few months.

2.To take a look at the player’s performance against the same opponent in previous matches.

3.Analysing the pitch by seeing the report and weather conditions are some of the basic needs to have a look when a fantasy player is making his team. If the pitch is rather slow and little dry and match is being played in the afternoon session then one must look for spinners.

If the pitch of the type like that of Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru or let it be Wankhede stadium in Mumbai then one should go for power-hitting players and swing bowlers

4.If the match is of twenty overs, then must look for power-hitting players or top-order batsmen who can provide them with a head start. Picking up the best bowlers who take up will be better than picking up the bowler who bowls economically.

5.Choosing the best player, generally all-rounders, as the captain or vice-captain is important. The captain provides two times more points and the vice-captain provides one point five times more points than the regular selected players. One can also look for selecting top order wicket-keeping batsmen as captain or vice-captain as they will help in increasing points by performing both the things that are batting and wicket keeping.

6.It is really important to check and update one’s fantasy eleven after the toss as there is a chance that some crucial player may miss out due to injury or any other reason.

These are some professional tips to play fantasy cricket.

With proper combinations of the batsman, bowler, and all-rounder a player can win a good amount of money. If possible the player should also create multiple teams so that chance of winning will get increased.

With the continuous evolving of the game and the change in people of the generation. The application developers have made the game in such a way that it will take one towards the road of addiction. So one mustn’t play more than his limits.

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