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Does It Matter to Fix the Broken Jewelry Before Selling It?


When it comes to broken or damaged jewelry, you have two options to choose from. The first one is to take a piece of jewelry to a jeweler to repair it, and the second one is that it can be sold for cash. If you have some sentimental value attached to that piece of jewelry, it would be good to repair it as it has a lot of worth. Also, if you are a collector who loves to collect jewelry of different styles, you can store it until there is a rise in its price.

On the other hand, selling broken jewelry needs some simple steps to follow, and you can get cash by selling it. All you need to do is find some Jewelry Buyers in Nashville to offer you the best price, even for broken jewelry. Whether you want to go for its repair or sell it in the exact condition depends on you. As if you go for repairs, it demands money, and unfortunately, sometimes, even an impressive repair job may be unable to return the piece of jewelry to its former glory.

Additionally, if your broken jewelry is worth a lot of money, it is essential to get it appraised and insured against any damage in the future, which means an extra sum of money you need to invest. So, make an informed decision to sell or repair it.

DIY things to do

If your broken jewelry needs a minor repair that you can do on your own, then it would be a great thing to go with. Whether it is a pair of earrings, chain, or ring, with some bit of and quick fixes, you can make it worthy of wearing again and even sell it at a better price than broken jewelry may have. So, check out some interesting DIY tricks you should follow:

Replacing a cracked clasp

A clasp is one of the most used parts of a necklace. A clasp may suffer from two typical issues: the opening of a jump ring and part of the clasp getting broken or lost, and it may not close correctly. The best solution is to replace the cracked clasp with a new one. When you buy a new clasp, make sure to purchase one similar size and shape to the old one. This way, you can wear it in the same way.

Repairing an elastic bracelet

Elastic bracelets tend to break eventually. Repairing the old elastic is not possible. For that, you will have to restring the old bracelet on a new elastic. All you need is an elastic cord, which is used to tie the elastic.

Restringing or knotting a damaged necklace

Beading wire can untie from the crimp beds, which are used to protect the clasp or break from wear and abrasion. If this occurs, you need to restring the necklace and link the clasp with new crimp beads. Finding the right size crimp is essential for the beading wire. For adding a professional finish, you can buy special crimping pliers to make your job easy and provide elegant and long-lasting outcomes.

Fixing or replacing ear wires

Before considering its selling to one of the most reputed Jewelry Buyers in Nashville, you should go for its repair at your home. Updating the ear wires is one of the most valuable repairs. People with no pierced ears, allergies to some metals, or are not comfortable wearing dangle-styled earrings. A complete understanding of how to change the ear wire will offer more flexibility in which styles you can buy. In addition, you can also repair if an earring post or ear wire gets broken or bent.

To repair it, you will need to alter the earring finding. For that, your earring component must be linked to the ear wire by a jump ring or a loop. Open the ear wire’s loop using the same technique for opening the jump ring to attach a clasp. Then, eliminate the old ear wire and combine the new one by opening and similarly closing the ring.

Applying glue to a missing stone

If you want to replace a missing stone, you must realize the type of materials you will work with and get the right jewelry glue. Superglue is not the best choice. So, find the right glue by getting recommendations from a jeweler.

Should you sell?

Selling broken or damaged jewelry may come with many benefits. Since the jewelry market is volatile, you might sell it at the right time to popular Jewelry Buyers in Nashville like Diamond Banc when the prices are high. If there is no sentimental value and you get the best prices for selling it, go for selling.

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