9 very Interesting things you should know about the most curious deserts in the world

9 very Interesting things you should know about the most curious deserts in the world


Desert Safari Dubai is one of the places on the planet where rainfall is very low. As a result, the climate is dry and arid, instead of rich earth we find sand in abundance and the heat is scorching. 20% of the planet is covered by desert and it is believed that many other regions could move towards this type of ecosystem in the face of accelerated climate change and the indiscriminate exploitation of nature. 

So today I bring you 9 very interesting things (and photographs) that you should know about the most curious deserts in the world.

Temperature contrasts in the desert

One of the most interesting things about deserts is the contrast in temperature that exists between daytime and nighttime hours. During the day the heat is truly unbearable; at night it is very cold.

Who lives in the desert?

Because it is so difficult to escape the harsh sun, small plants and animals live in the desert. The vegetation is basically composed of shrubs and cacti, and the fauna of elusive rodents, insects, reptiles, and other small creatures.

Change of the biological clock

In the desert, many animals have developed the adaptation of sleeping during the day and hunting at night. This change in the biological clock has allowed them to survive the aggressive daytime heat.

How do animals solve the water problem?

If all water evaporates in the desert, how do animals solve this problem? Well, they have two ways: they store water in their own bodies or they obtain water from the food they eat.

Does it ever rain in the desert?

In the desert it rains very infrequently, in fact, many times the water evaporates into the air, before touching land; however, very occasionally heavy rainfall occurs. Living organisms in this ecosystem have adaptations to make the most of this boom time.

What are desert landscapes like?

One would assume that desert landscapes were all the same, and yet they are not. There is a great variety of desserts. Some, like that of the Sahara, was formed on flat slices of crystalline rock; others have arisen from recent tectonic movements emerging from sedimentary plains such as those of Central America and North America.

Are there cold deserts on the planet?

Not only are there hot deserts on the planet, but there are also cold deserts. These are arid places covered with ice or snow. And it is that to classify as desert a place must not be hot, but rather lose more moisture than it enters. 

The Atacama desert: a place where it never rains

On Earth, there is a place where it never rains called the Atacama Desert, in Chile. Scientists have no record of it ever having rained there. Also, there are parts of this desert that have been around for more than 40 million years.

Desertification on Earth

According to the United Nations, each year 74,000 km of fertile soil is turned into a desert due to climate change, deforestation of forests, and indiscriminate grazing. The desertification on Earth is a threat to all humanity.

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