Smart Photography Tips for Every Mobile Photographer

Smart Photography Tips for Every Mobile Photographer – Click Better Pictures


Are you one among them who own near about three functioning high-end cameras but you still love taking photos on your mobile phone? If yes, you’re not alone as there are thousands others who prefer this handy option rather than having to carry their pro cameras with them wherever they go.

Mobile camera photography may seem like an intimidating task but once you know the simple hacks, you can shoot some of your best ever photos with your mobile phone camera. Let’s check out few such tips from the photography experts.

Wipe the lenses before clicking

You spend a lot of time with your mobile phone in your hands and hence there is a possibility that the lens of your camera might be covered in dust, dirt and fingerprints. If you click a photo with dirty lens, that may leave blurs, smudges and spots on the photos. Hence, the first thing to do is to wipe your lens with a clean cloth and then click photos to get the best ones.


You must have faced an instance when you’ve wiped the lens but still the object looks blurred. What is the reason behind that? That’s because you haven’t focused on the subject. The autofocus option of your camera may not always focus on the object that you want to click. This is when you have to set the point of focus manually so that you can click crystal clear photos.

Tweak the brightness levels

Do you often find your mobile phone camera photos to be either over-exposed or under-exposed? This is because you haven’t adjusted the accurate level of brightness. Make sure you make the necessary changes to the brightness (Exposure) of your camera before clicking a photo. Ensure that the main parts of the object are exposed properly.

Proper light is the key

The biggest possible aspect of photography is proper light. Regardless of where you’re taking your photos or which camera you’re using, unless you have the right source of light, you can never get good photos. The source of light could come from a window or a lamp or even from the sun. As soon as you’re sure about the quality and direction of light, you’re near to clicking high quality photos.

Know when to use flash

Try to avoid the flash of your phone unless you’re at a place where there’s no source of light. Though the latest phones have flashes with color-balance that perform really well yet using natural light is anytime a better option. Leave your flash off by default so that you know when to turn it on.

Use HDR only for photos that are lit evenly

As long as exposure is concerned, clicking photos of high-contrast sceneries might be a big issue. For instance, you wish to click a landscape that has a bright sky against a darker background, this is going to be a high-contrast scene. This is when you should use HDR to make the landscape evenly-lit.

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