the passenger's name on the flight ticket

What Is The Procedure To Change The Passenger’s Name On The Turkish Flight Ticket?


Do you wish to get a turkish airlines name change on ticket but are unaware of the procedure? Continue reading to find out the process of the ticket name change. A most important step when you book an airline ticket is to fill in your correct name and other details.

But, sometimes, even when the initial gets replaced with another, it is known as the wrong name.  To get this name change,  you must follow a complete process per the turkish airlines name change policy. Following are the steps that you must undertake.

  • Verify the conditions for the name changeTurkish airlines name change policy is different for every airline. When you realise that you are required to change your name, the first step is to verify the conditions concerning the name change of your airline. These conditions prescribe further steps that must get taken by you. The conditions make you well aware of whether the name change is allowed or till what time period it is allowed.
  • Take note of the fees involved– Another step in the procedure is to take note of the fees involved as per the turkish airlines name correction policy. Some airlines allow you to do it without extra administration fees, but some might charge you additional costs. At times people get their tickets booked via a third party, and if in such a case you desire a name change, apart from the fees charged by the airlines, you might be required to pay the third party as well.
  • Connect with customer service– When you refer to the turkish airlines name correction policy, you also have a chance to connect to customer service. If you cannot get the task done, thanks to technological advances, you can conveniently contact customer services. Explain why you desire a name change on your ticket, provide a correct name, and your task is done. If the name change is not possible, then customer service will provide you with an alternate solution.
  • Put your correct name– The last step is very important, that is, to correct your incorrect name and to make sure this name is entirely right. Many a time, it is possible your turkish airlines name change on ticket might be allowed, but if even after changing the name, you put the wrong name, then you might have to incur many losses.

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