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Why You Should Never Compete On Price For Online Writing


Rates for online freelance writing jobs run the gamut – from $3 for 400-word SEO articles to $50 for a 250-word blog post. So, how do you price your services competitively so that you get work?

The answer is, you don’t . . . as in, don’t compete solely on price. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself working longer and harder than ever – and you won’t be making anywhere near what you should. Following is why.

Rate-Shopping Clients are Not Long-Term Clients

When it comes to setting your rates for online freelance writing jobs remember this rule. If the rate is the number one thing clients use to judge whether or not to hire you, then they’ll be out the door the next time a cheaper freelance writer comes along.

While rates are always a factor for every business, it’s not the only factor companies who care about their brand care about. They’ll weigh a lot of factors, e.g., the value your content can provide to their customers, the increased traffic and sales to be gained, higher visibility in organic search results, etc.

In short, companies who run legitimate businesses expect to pay well for good content; they wouldn’t touch a $3 for 500-words article writer with a 10-foot pole.

Your Online Freelance Writing Rates are a Reflection of You

Do you think your writing is worth more than $1 or $3? What are your skills and experiences? What’s your education level? Do you conduct proper research? Do you provide informative content? Is your content error-free grammar and spelling-wise? Have you researched what other freelance writers are charging?

The reason I outline all of these questions is all of these factors impact what you charge. If you’ve done your research, know that your rates are in line with what some others are charging, and feel confident that you provide value to your clients, and then don’t compete on price.

The fact is, you’re not going to land all online freelance writing jobs you apply for. You’re going to lose some. Don’t ever be so desperate for work that you undervalue your skills.

What’s Really at Stake When You Set Your Online Freelance Writing Rates?

Money in and of itself is valueless. It’s what it can give you that matters, e.g.:

Freedom from debt collectors; the basics of having a roof over your head, food in your belly and clothes on your back; not having to stress about future financial security (if you save enough); being able to take your family on nice vacations; being able to stay home with your sick child without fear of losing your job because you’ve used up all of your personal and/or vacation time; never having to worry about being laid off or losing your job altogether; etc.

These are the things you put on the line when you set your online freelance writing jobs rate. Never forget this.

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