What are the advantages of using a load board?

What are the advantages of using a load board?


If you are a freight broker or a truck operator, then a load board is the right freight matching service for you. It is the ideal tool for all shipping business, local and international, and can help small and big manufacturers ship in the right load for your requirements. However, it is very important to know that an online load board can immensely minimize the obstacles of matching truckers who will transport loads with shippers who need to get their loads transported as soon as possible.

What is an online load board?

An online load board is a platform to connect truckers with shippers to get their shipment transported from one location to another. Some load boards allow truckers and freight brokers to browse loads and bid on them while others have a specific price which carriers will receive upon the delivery of the item.

Details like type of load, the place where it needs to be delivered, delivery date and the kind of truck and loading equipment needed is posted along with the shipper’s load. If the shipper and carrier reach an agreement on the rate, then both parties are alerted and they can proceed to do the business together.

How can you benefit from free load boards?

Live information: Shipments are posted and updated live meaning that truckers get immediate access to new business opportunities.

Alerts: Truckers can set up notification alerts on their profile so that they don’t have to constantly browse through hundreds of posts every day.

Enhance your earnings:You get access to tasks as per your specific region or route and hence enhance your earning potentials. You can also go for as many deliveries as you want and work flexibly depending on your monetary needs. If you need more work, then work as full-time delivery driver or else as a part-time delivery driver.

Competitive pricing: Because there is a good supply of delivery drivers, it means great competition and competitive pricing is available. Hence you can optimize your pricing strategy and charge a lower rate if a carrier is close to the load because less travelling would be needed.

Low entry barrier: A lot of online load boards are free to use while others charge subscription fee or monthly charges. Learn more about free load boards by checking out online and you can surely gain all useful information.

Simple to use: Load boards are simple to use with great user interface. All the information is displayed on an easy to use table.

Benefits to shippers: Shipper has a lot of freight which needs to be transported and he doesn’t have a permanent carrier to move their freight. Hence, he can benefit from truckers on load boards.

Benefits to carriers: Load boards help the carriers to keep their vehicle full. For instance, you are going from location A to B with an empty truck but instead or driving an empty vehicle, you can get a load which needs to be transported and earn an income.

All you need to do is sign up on a free load board and look out for opportunities for carriers, loads and shipment. Once you get your desired task, you can bid on it. Shiply gives you an opportunity to bid on loads as per your preferred location, route and region.

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