Social Media Marketing Tools for 2020

Top 11 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2020


Around 3.4 billion users are using social media worldwide. With such impressive growth rates, this growth is not going to stop in 2020. No doubt to expand your business and reach out to the maximum targeted audience, you need to use social media networks in the best possible way.

Strong your social media game to stand out from your rivals. If you dream of running your business-level from low to high with social media campaigns, you should start using top social media marketing tools.

With the help of these tools, you can improve your performance, and simplify your work as well. In this article, we have enlisted the best social media marketing tools in 2020.

Social media marketing tools: What’s their importance?

Social media platform is changing the way businesses market their services online. Many new social media networks have emerged that consistent with changing the pattern we work and communicate.

These new changes affect both how businesses promote their services and how their customers respond.

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Along with these platforms also come a number of effective marketing tools. These tools help marketers and business owners to engage with the social media audience in a most engaging way.

Let’s review the top social media tools to know which new tool you can add to boost your business on social media.

Social Media Marketing Tools to use in 2020


It is one of the most effective social marketing tools to use in 2020. It offers you with a wide range of marketing tools for promoting your business. It includes content intelligence, audience analysis, influencer marketing campaigns, and schedule posts.

Pricing information:

  • Free trial available
  • 10 profiles – $200/month
  • 20 profiles – $400/month


It’s another useful social media marketing tool to promote your business on social media by letting you set the scheduled time for your posts. Also, you can create promotions, contests as well as quizzes to enhance the interest of your audience.

Pricing information:

  • You may use trial option
  • The cost of Medium plan is: $89/month
  • The price of Enterprise is: $459/month
  • The cost of X-Large is: $269/month
  • The cost of Large plan is: $179/month


If you are a small or big business owner, not have ample time to spend on managing social media activities, and then Buffer can be your solution. This social media marketing tool will help you schedule your content on all popular social media networks.

Pricing information:

  • You can use basic features for free
  • Price of Pro is: $15/month
  • Price of Premium plan is: $65/month
  • The Business plan price is: $99/month


If you use Twitter more often than any other social media platform, the Follow Honk can be your choice. The tool will help you find your targeted audience and help you connect with like-minded influences.

With the help of the tool, you can compare the graph of your social media activities. You will know how well compared to your business rivals.

Pricing Information

  • Connect: Free
  • Target: $23/month
  • Multitask: $63/month


It is a social intelligence tool that is recommended to business owners in 2020. The tool will assist you to discover your audience. With the help of it, you can even optimize your target audience engagement as it offers you a view to deep insights on your users. Audience comes with a twitter DM chatbots.

Pricing Information

Audience Connect: Free to $99/month

Audience Insights: $1499/month


Buzzsumo needs no introduction! As the tool has gained widespread popularity among small-large, both business owners. The tool can assist you in coming up with awesome content ideas for engaging social media posts.

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Additionally, it helps you find out trending topics for your social media posts and let you discover like-minded influencers. It helps you make the best use of your social media marketing and content marketing.

Pricing Information

  • Available for free trial
  • The cost of Enterprise plan is: $499+/month (Custom)
  • Price of Pro Plan: $99/month
  • Cost of Plus plan is: $179/month
  • If you want to buy Large, it will cost around: $299/month


ZeroFox is a tool that can assist you in protecting your vital information on all your social media networks. Also, this can help your customer engagement through stopping social account hacking and reputation damage.

The tool will inform you if any fraudulent activity finds on your account and can impact the performance of your business.

Pricing Information:

  • Free demo available


If you are looking for a tool that can help you find the trending hashtags for your brand, you should consider using hashtagify. The tool is made to ease your process of searching relevant hashtags for Twitter and Instagram and assist you to know the influencers utilizing that hashtag.

Pricing Information:

  • Use basic features for free
  • Cost of Personal Plan: $19/month
  • Cost of Business: $64/month
  • Price of Enterprise: $249/month

Facebook Analytics

Facebook platform comes with its analytics tool. These tools help you find out how users engage with your posts. It offers you access to in-depth insights regarding your audience via which you can optimize your growing marketing campaigns.

Facebook analytics help you figure out how people engage with your content. One of the highlights of this tool is that the tool is accessible for free.

Pricing Information

  • Analytics is free of cost

Twitter Analytics

If you stay more active on Twitter than other social media platforms, then you should consider using Twitter Analytics. It will assist you in comparing and measure the performance of your social media campaign performance. The data you obtain through this tool can assist you in making sound decisions.

Pricing Information

  • Twitter Analytics is entirely free to use.


This tool is unique from the tools mentioned above. It helps you know the most-discussed topic among readers.

You’re only supposed to type a topic or keyword into the search box, and the tagboard will display you the numbers of people talking about that topic. It helps you know what type of content can be made to spark engagement among the audience.

This is it! All the above mentioned social media marketing tools are best for your business. All the tools are affordable, useful, and feature-rich.

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