Must-Have Travel Apps for Safe and Fun Filled Vacation

Must-Have Travel Apps for Safe and Fun Filled Vacation


Sure, packing a bag pack and heading out to the unknown sounds like quite an adventure, but feeling completely lost is a dreadful experience. Luckily in this technologically advance world, you don’t have to. With the right app you’ll feel as comfortable travelling as you would in your home town. And, they’ll make your trip all the more interesting. You can find hidden local attractions, find discounts on events and more. You’ll be able to shed the tourist skin and experience the native culture unfiltered. Who doesn’t want that? We’re sure you do which is why we’ve compiled a list of some great apps you should try.


You probably already have Google Maps to help you navigate the city, but that’s just not enough. Walking the streets of Rome would be so much more interesting if you could do a walk through time in it. Knowing exactly where the gladiators fought, who were the kings and queens of those times, which battles raged that led to the future we live in today is what we’re looking for. And, it’s unlikely that the tour guide will be able to tell you all that. So take Detour with you! It offers GPS guided audio walk giving you an immersive experience like never before.


Taking a trip half way around the globe will land you in a different world that follows its own time. While the city is bustling with activity, you might be too sleepy to venture out. Jet lag is not cool, you miss out on a great experience. So, next time you’re headed to a place with a big time difference, download Timeshifter. Developed by scientists, it uses circadian neuroscience to help you adapt to the new time zone. When you finally land at your destination, you’ll be fresh and well rested, ready to take on an adventure.


If you want to become one with the place in question, you must get down from your touristy pedestal and mingle with the locals. Understandably though, however, it can be hard. What do you do? Walk right up to a stranger and introduce yourself? Not likely. They’ll think you’re a creep or worse they might be a thief looking for an easy target which you just portrayed yourself to be. This is a recipe for disaster. What you can do instead is simply get active on the Meetup app.

You can connect with people who share the same interests as you. Maybe you can collab and churn out the next superhot song or movie or simply have a good time out of it. The app also helps you find local community apps, allowing you to make new friends.


If you’re taking a vacation to get close to nature, then we have just the app for you. AllTrails has more than 100,000 curated trails which means you’ll never get lost in the wild. And, you can check out tried and tested paths with great views, instead of new ones that just might get lead to a great spot. Most often they might not, and it’s too much of a hassle and risk. Unless you’re the ultimate hiking lover, don’t do that. Opt for AllTrails. We guarantee your trip will turn out amazing.


When nature calls you must answer, however, finding a bathroom in an unknown place is a risk we’re sure you’d rather not take. In times like these Flush is the app you need.

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The app has a database of 190,000 public toilets which you can access. This is one app you can’t miss out. It’ll save you time and help you avoid accidents. You can even rate and report a bathroom and help the community out in taking toilet breaks.

Mobile Passport

Long waits are not fun, even less so when they’re avoidable. Mobile Passport is authorized by the US Customs and Border Protection and what it does is that if you’re travelling to the US,

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it lets you skip long lines at 24 airports in the country. All you have to do is download the app and scan your passport and it’ll take care of the rest.

Final Words

There you go, now you’re ready to take the world. Just make sure to get a good internet connection to ensure you have the relevant data when you need. Spectrum internet customer service can help you with that. They offer great service at affordable rates. What more can you want? Just pack your bags and head out.

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