Discover the Best 2020 Closet Staples for Working Women With Victoria Barbara

Discover the Best 2020 Closet Staples for Working Women With Victoria Barbara


Most working women unanimously agree that getting ready for office is the most stressful part of their morning routine. They need to figure out what to wear for the day and often spend minutes standing in front of their wardrobe, trying to put their day’s outfit together. Getting ready for office does not mean you need to kill fashion. There are ways via which you can dress up appropriately for your job and win the admiration of others with your amazing sense of style.

Create the perfect fashion sense with help from Victoria Barbara

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger known for her high end and street style fashion. She is from New York and shares many valuable fashion tips at She says that if you are a working woman, you should first clear out your wardrobe and discard the items that you do not wear anymore. You can give them away to charity or sell them. Now, you need to organize your wardrobe and keep it tidy. Place all the colors together and check whether you have the following closet staples or not-

  • Blazers- Make sure you have at least one well-fitted blazer in your closet. It is obvious that you need to attend many meetings and interviews daily. Blazers come in different cuts and styles. You can opt for the double or single-breasted blazer, an oversized or cropped blazer for the workplace. The style you choose is not important; you just need to ensure it fits perfectly.
  • Chiffon tops- These tops are light, and they allow you to breathe freely. They are a good alternative to the buttoned-down shirts that you need to wear to the office daily. They are available in several designs and patterns. Make sure you keep some of them for your office attire. Choose the silhouette as per your body shape and personal preferences.
  • Black pencil skirt- The black pencil skirt is a must-have office staple for women. Its contours should be perfect and maintain your figure. This skirt gives you a classy and stylish look. It can be paired up with a good shirt or chiffon top.
  • Ankle pants- These pants look amazing with your well-fitted blazers and a chiffon top. If you have a day of meetings lined up, this outfit will portray professionalism and style at the same time. Make sure the colors are black, dark brown, gray, and dark blue for the professional workplace look.

When it comes to office wear, make sure you have the right bag to match with your outfit of the day. Victoria Barbara shares all the 2020 trends in bag for office wear at the same time, when it comes to choosing them, make sure you go in for neutral colors like black, brown, and tan. The same goes for your shoes as well. Make sure the shoes you buy fit you well. They should be comfortable. If you are not fond of wearing high heels, choose pumps with medium heels to team up with your outfits. Leather pumps are great for office wear and make sure they are polished well for the perfect look.

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