Romanian chicken meat

Romanian chicken meat


Almost 23 years ago was the first time when Romanians started to make a habit from breeding and raising chicken and consuming the meat from them. This leads to creating a way of living among the Romanian families and this is how there have been born a lot of poultry farms and companies based on family-businesses grown over the generations.

As the time passed by, every company made their own authenticity in their brands and their products and this is the reason why a lot of consumers from the entire Europe started to recognize them and choose the favorite one. As the people became more aware of the importance of eating healthy meals every day, Romanian chicken meat started to become one of the most popular choices for them. The process of producing and distributing poultry meat is a complex one, and it starts from the part of providing the best food for chicken.

LaProvincia company always pays attention to the details and in order to provide the best type o chicken meat is improving every day the process of  cultivating and selecting the best grains for the chicken. Also, the process of breeding is also very important and this is why a lot of investments have been made there in order to have the best environment for the animals to help them grow without any stress. The improvement in this sector has made the air conditioning, the water resources to be automatic and more efficient.

During the past years, due to the authentic taste of the chicken meat the percentage of exports across Europe has grew a lot for 8 countries which are real fans of our products. Achieving all the certification in the domain of hygiene and standards of producing poultry meat, LaProvincia has developed a lot of farms and chain stores all over the country and has extended their sales on the local retail chains. Having a strict and elaborated strategy, the company wishes to keep the production process at the highest level possible in the future in order to please the consumers with all the products. We promise we will keep up with all the changes and demands from the people and the clients on the market and we confide in our specialists who have a wide experience in the poultry industry. This will help the innovation and the upgrades in the company and the producing process over the next years.

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We want to keep the professionalism as our key to success and this is why we took care of our car fleet to be equipped with the best appliances that help keeping the authentic taste of the meat during the distribution of the products.

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