Balloon over Bagan

Balloon over Bagan


There are always opportunities to create an amazing adventure which will give you the best feelings and also wonderful memories to keep with you for your entire life. And what else can an experience of flying into a balloon over Bagan give you? A completion certificate at the end of the flight in order to make you remember how great it felt every time you look at it.

Bagan is an ancient city situated in Asia which has become one of the most popular touristic attractions over the past years. The whole city is filled with many ancient temples which have their own beauty, especially seen from above. If having a ride on an air balloon over Bagan is on your bucket list you should now that is very important to book you seat in advance because the spots are filling up very quickly. Also you should take into consideration that the proper period for the flying starts on 10th October and end on 10th of April and during this months the cold air on the sunrise will allow the balloon to fly very close to the city in order to have a detailed view of it. Also the light in the moment is the proper moment for amateur or professional photographs to take their best shots and keep them as memories.

Getting more and more professional on their activities on flying with hot air balloons the company team has become more and more popular and started to have a lot of requirements from people in the entire world. This is why now there are 3 different types of offers when it comes to this kind of rides.

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After the booking confirmation you will not have to stress about anything else because the crewmembers will take care of everything. At around 5:30 in the morning you will have the pick up from the hotel you are accommodated in and which will be previously announced by us about this. You will be transferred to the launch site and while the balloon is being inflated you will have time to have a snack and taste some coffee.The taking off will give you a splendid view of the ancient city and will feel like one of the best experiences. After the landing you will be having the possibility to have breakfast and taste some champagne right before you will receive the flight certificate and the photos taken during the flight.

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Ending with, having a flying experience witn an air balloon over Bagan is something you will never forget. Especially when you want to plan your holiday and want to do something different than before.

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