Residential Steel Building Plans – How To Get Started


To ensure that steel has all its positive attributes intact, there are so many steps that go into the steel manufacturing process. All the steps need to be carried out with precision so that the end product is of the said grade and type. It all starts with high quality raw materials, and during the manufacturing process, the proportion of the other elements added to the mixture has to be especially considered. It’s all about the elements and the ratio they are used in. Steel is one of the most popular materials among builders, and it is used in all kinds of construction activities.

Mild Steel

Mild Steel is probably the most basic form of steel. Generally, steels are alloys that are made with a mixture of carbon, iron, and a few other elements that determine its properties. Mild steel is made up of only iron and carbon. It is for the same reason that the density of mild steel is about 8 grams per centimeter cube. Mild Steel has a few properties that differentiate it from other kinds of steel. It is more ductile, machinable, and easier to weld. It is also quite magnetic. With properties as such, it is used in areas such as automobiles, furniture, fencing, and so on.

Billet Manufacturing Process

Steel billets are manufactured in two ways. The first one involves the use of steel scraps. Basically, steel scraps are collected in furnaces and heated to the point it melts. After that all the impurities are removed from it. Once that happens, it is allowed to cool down, and take a certain shape. Finally, it is cut into desired sizes. The second one involves the use of iron. Iron is collected in furnaces and heated up to a point where it melts.

At this state, all the impurities are removed from it, and when that happens, other elements such as carbon, chromium, nickel, and so on are added in specific proportions to give it the desired properties. After that, it is allowed to cool down. And finally, it is cut into desired sizes and shapes. The billet manufactured like this is processed further to transform into the steel that will be finally sold as various products.

Billet manufacturing process is the first step in the steel construction sequence. Steel frame construction is the step that comes next in the steel construction process. Overall, it is quite crucial that the step, where all the other elements are added to the iron to give it the desired properties, to be taken with extreme care because it is this very level that determines everything, the quality, the grade, and so on. Hama steel is considered as the best steel company that provides the wide ranges of steel bar.

There are further processes out there as well that are carried out to shape the steel billets into final products. What manufacturers must remember is that steel billets determine the quality of all these other items. It is therefore recommended that one should get steel products from only the trustworthy companies.

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