Reddy Kancharla

Reddy Kancharla – How Can Civil Engineers Prevent Structural Failures in Their Projects


Technologies relating to civil engineering are evolving daily, and the advancements in this field are dynamic.  However, there are some instances where civil engineers working on their projects fail to succeed with the project as they are unable to predict issues and other flaws that delays the project. In some cases, the whole project might not get completed as per expectations as structural failures are responsible for its lower quality.

Reddy Kancharla is an esteemed geotechnical consultant from the USA, having over 25 years of valuable experience in constructing QA/QC projects, geotechnical consultation, and civil construction. He is known for his talent and skills in the construction of complex projects across New York and New Jersey. He is known for his expertise in constructing bridges, roadways, residential and commercial buildings, earth retaining structures, and deep and shallow foundations.

He has a decade of experience in senior management roles, and he has successfully served as a top executive and Chief Engineer in a reputed construction QC/QA firm in the NYC metropolitan area. He has extensive knowledge of the civil construction industry that encompasses principles, engineering, theories, and practical solutions, along with the development of quality systems associated with the implementation as per diverse standards and codes.

Reasons for civil engineering projects to fail

Team management is crucial when it comes to any project to become successful. There are several causes of structural failure that are often linked to a problem in communication. The following are the common reasons for these structural failures to take place-

There is a failure between the erectors and the fabricators when it comes to staying on the same page when it comes to the execution of the project.

The levels of communication between the design professional like the field supervisors and conceptual designers are not clear or are poor.

The standards of workmanship are poor. This mostly occurs when the design has been misunderstood, and the wrong choices regarding the above have been made.

The project’s professional ethics have been compromised in a large way, and there is a lack of responsibility in the construction community.

What should civil engineers keep in mind?

Civil engineers working on the project should note that failure and structural integrity are a vital aspect of engineering. Anything that goes wrong here can damage the structure in the future. Here, the key interest of the structure is to support the specific load of the structure successfully.  The proper design is one that will not break or is able to withstand the challenges with less or no damage entailed.

As per Reddy Kancharla you must make sure that the design should never be deformed in any way. Even the slightest mistake can largely compromise the whole project. Civil engineers need to take caution to ensure that the structural integrity does not fail, as this is a vital aspect of engineering that you must adhere to no matter how small or large the project is.

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