How Western Colloid Is Creating Energy Efficient Buildings

How Western Colloid Is Creating Energy Efficient Buildings


In this article I am going to explain what is Western Colloid and how it is being used in green buildings. There are many different green building technologies, all of which can be very effective. However, there is one which has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Ability To Store Heat Without Causing The Temperature To Rise Or Fall

This technology is a special type of sandstone that has been specially treated to make it the perfect medium for creating energy efficient buildings. The reason it is so successful is because of its ability to store heat, which means that any areas in a building that need heating or cooling can be effectively heated or cooled, without causing the temperature to rise or fall.

All Building Materials Are Designed To Trap Heat Within Them

To understand how it works you first need to understand how all traditional building materials are designed to work. All building materials are designed to trap heat within them, and this means that, to use a simplified explanation, you can put a thick radiator in your car, but it will not work as effectively as you could if you were able to store all the heat within it. The same is true of the building materials that are used in green buildings.

These conventional building materials have a major problem when it comes to heating and cooling. Most people will tell you that these materials create too much heat, meaning that they would need to warm or cool the entire building using very large radiators.

Have The Perfect Material To Create Energy Efficient Buildings

You have the perfect material to create energy efficient buildings. This form of construction has been around for a while now, and it is relatively easy to create your own Western Colloid building at home.

Contains Rocks Which Absorb, Trap And Store Heat And Light

It refers to a form of building material, commonly found in Australia, that contains rocks which absorb, trap and store heat and light. It also contains micro-fibres which allow the material to work efficiently with other building materials.

Helps To Reduce Both The Energy Bills That We Have, And Also The Carbon Footprint That We Leave In Our Environment

The reason why it is so popular is that it helps to reduce both the energy bills that we have, and also the carbon footprint that we leave in our environment. The reason why this is so important is because when you use traditional building materials you are creating a lot of waste materials, which means that the amount of carbon dioxide that enters our atmosphere from our traditional construction methods increases drastically.

Used Building Material Helps To Prevent Heat From Escaping From The Building

This form of building material is used to prevent heat from escaping from the building, it allows the building to remain cool during hot weather, and it also helps to keep the heat from escaping as well.

This means that any areas of your building which are below the level of an open window will retain more heat than you would if you had built the windows high up on the building. If you also add a layer between the window and the floor then your chances of the air above the window becoming warm also increases, meaning that you can achieve greater insulation and better heating during the summer months.


Western Colloid allows for less light entering the building, so that the air can remain cooler during the cold season. When a large amount of air is allowed into the building then the temperature can rise rapidly, leading to a great deal of wasted energy.

If you were to look at any building in Australia which has been built using this material, you would see that the floor is made from natural stone. The soft natural stone absorbs heat and holds it, helping to improve the overall temperature of the building in winter and helping to keep the climate more comfortable in the summer.

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So as you can see there are a lot of different benefits that this material offers when it comes to ensuring that your building is energy efficient and also looks very appealing to a building interior designer. If you are looking to create a unique or special area in your home then there is no substitute for this type of construction material.

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