Smart Decision to Choose the Real Estate Agency with the Best Reputation

Smart Decision to Choose the Real Estate Agency with the Best Reputation


Do you own an apartment or a house and have decided to sell to buy a new house? You are right! With a new home, not only will you own an energy-efficient home, but you will also make a significant investment. Whatever the reasons that lead you to sell your property, the choice of a real estate agency will quickly become essential. Indeed, using an agency will allow you:

  • To entrust the procedures for the sale of your property to a third party
  • To sell your property more quickly

This is where comes the person of our discussion, Mr. Stuart Bienenstock and his works in the real estate field. Stuart Bienenstock happens to be one of the most prominent names in real estate transactions in the market. It is for sure that as you search the market, you will find that he is the person who has taken care of the entire process of several reputed companies. From the very beginning of his career till now, he has shown outstanding performance in whatever way he has undertaken his responsibilities.

It remains, of course, to choose the right agency! Triple Five Group offers the tips for choosing your real estate agency.

Choose a real estate agency near your home

Whether your accommodation is located in the city or the countryside, make sure to select as a priority the real estate agencies close to it.

Presently living in Woodmere NY Stuart Bienenstock is the famous name in the area for the jobs that you had undertaken before. Currently he is is working on the part of the company Triple Five Group where in the last few years he has made essential changes resulting in the steady flourish of the company.

Indeed, even in the heart of the city, each district has its specificities: amenities, attractiveness, the price per m2, etc. Choosing an agency located nearby will guarantee you to have a contact person who will fully understand the potential of your property. , and therefore, will be likely to value it better. She will also be able to give you better advice on how to price your property correctly.

Independent agency vs network of real estate agencies

An essential choice to make, and not as apparent as it seems! Certainly, entrusting your property to an agency network can be a real plus for the success of your project:

  • The network is often national, or even regional: you, therefore, increase your chances of finding a buyer, since a higher number will see it of people.
  • National or regional networks generally have teams of well-trained negotiators, particularly in sales techniques: this will give you all the chances on your side!

But it may also be that near you, there is a very competent independent agency, which knows the specificities of the market in your municipality, and benefits from a particularly efficient network to sell your property. Admit that it would be a shame not to benefit from his services.

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