Beta-alanine is a common supplement that athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their athletic performance. It is scientifically proven to improve muscle endurance, increase the time to exhaustion, and reduce muscle acidity, which contributes to fatigue. It also provides other health benefits like anti-aging properties and improving the quality and function of muscles in older adults.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that binds to histidine in the body to produce carnosine. Carnosine then acts as a buffer against muscle acidity that occurs when working out hence lessening fatigue. Therefore, athletes take beta-alanine supplements to boost carnosine levels in the muscles and resist muscle acidity, which causes fatigue.

Here are the reasons why athletes use beta-alanine supplements.

Improve athletic performance

In a study where athletes were supplemented with beta-alanine, exercise power and capacity increased. It was most effective for short duration exercises lasting some seconds to 10minutes. Moreover, beta-alanine also improved resistance training volume and performance in athletes involved in team sports.

Another study of female soccer players supplemented with beta-alanine improved endurance, repeated sprinting, and jumping. Overall, beta-alanine works to improve carnosine levels in the body leading to more endurance and time to exhaustion which boosts performance.

Reduce lactic acid in muscles and delay fatigue

Several human studies have suggested that beta-alanine slows down fatigue and exhaustion. A survey of 360people found out that beta-alanine increased high-intensity exercises that lasted more than one minute. A review of the study discovered that beta-alanine reduces lactic acid accumulation in the muscles during a high-intensity performance.

Another study of beta-alanine supplementation in 15 sprinters also suggested that it delayed fatigue, improving the overall performance. Carnosine is known to serve as a buffer against the accumulation of acidity in the muscles during workouts which leads to fatigue. Therefore beta-alanine supplementation leads to high carnosine levels lessening the fatigue during exercise hence more efficient performance.

Muscle building

In a three-week study of 46men under high-intensity training, beta-alanine improved their oxygen intake, stamina, endurance, and lean muscle mass. In another study, beta-alanine reduced body fat and improved fat-free mass in the body. Although the evidence is limited, researchers believe that beta-alanine also plays a role in increasing muscle mass. It is also known to improve the function and quality of muscles in older adults.

Improve focus

Besides improving athletic performance, beta-alanine supplementation has also been found to enhance focus during workouts. According to a study of 18combat soldiers, beta-alanine enhanced cognitive focus during combat practice. However, consistency when taking beta-alanine supplements is required to experience its mental benefits.

Anti-aging properties

Although the studies are limited, beta-alanine has anti-aging properties. Carnosine is believed to reduce antioxidant stress, which damages cells and accelerates age-related diseases. In a mice study, beta-alanine resulted in an improved lifespan.

In conclusion

The proven benefits of beta-alanine supplements include increasing endurance, reducing muscle acidosis, and improving performance in high-intensity exercises and short-duration exercises. It may take several weeks of beta-alanine supplementation to experience notable effects on performance.

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