What Unique Features do Voltas Air Conditioners have

What Unique Features do Voltas Air Conditioners have?


Voltas has conquered the Home Appliance market, standing toe to toe with other giants like LG and Samsung. For those searching for the best Air Conditioners currently on sale, Voltas is the way to go. In recent years, Voltas Air Conditioners have fared exceptionally well amidst all the competition, having sold more than 20% of Air Conditioner Sales in India. Voltas Air Conditioners are presently sold in more than 14,000 electronic retail outlets throughout the country. At a budget Air Conditioner Price in India, Voltas provides an extensive range of features to its consumers!

Cross Air-Vents and Turbo Cooling Technology

While old Air Conditioners seemingly lack in their ability to help you cool down and relax after a hot day at work, even at a budget Voltas Air Conditioner Price, you will be able to experience Turbo Cooling! Its Cross Vents help disperse the air throughout the room, cooling it down in minutes. Air, once it has been dispersed thoroughly, is allowed to go out through an opening on the other side, keeping the room ventilated and comfortable.

Dehumidifying and Anti Overcooling Technology

Ordinarily, an Air Conditioner, when exposed to humidity, can experience water-leakage and other issues that, when left unchecked, can damage the system. Summer and Monsoon seasons can take a heavy toll on an ordinary AC, making it overwork. Overworking can often lead to overcooling, causing health hazards, such as the common cold. However, with Volta’s dehumidifying technology, all those issues are a thing of the past. The Air Conditioner can absorb excess moisture from a room, keeping it comfortable, while also preventing overcooling by efficiently managing the temperature.

Voltas’ Nano-Silver Technology

Voltas ACs are integrated with a standard Catechin Filter to keep disgusting odors and germs outside your room. However, at a budget Air Conditioner Price in India, Voltas also provides its consumers with Nano-Silver technology capable of destroying viruses and bacteria by sterilizing them with silver ions. These ions can neutralize the microbes by disintegrating their inner atomic configuration.

Integrated with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

A refrigerant is typically designed to control a room’s temperature by absorbing excessive heat and transferring it outside. These coolants have been known for harboring HFCs, which are the prominent cause of Ozone Depletion. However, with Voltas’ R-410A HFC technology, even at a budget Voltas Air Conditioner Price, Voltas ACs can help minimize Ozone Depletion, hence save the environment.

With Voltas’ new set of technologies, there is no doubt that it will bring a good fight to its competitors in the market. For others to keep up, they will have to introduce similar innovation else Voltas will score a dominating victory against everyone in its way.

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