What to Wear with a Women's Hoodie?

What to Wear with a Women’s Hoodie?


Hoodies don’t go out of style. In addition, they loved us so much that many varieties appeared that fit organically into everyday looks and are combined with different wardrobe items. Today we will talk about hoodies – a classic version of a sweatshirt, available in the arsenal of any fashionista. On how to use it, read in our review below.

What can be Combined with a Female Hoodie with a Hood?

Hoodies are warm, soft and comfortable garments, due to the fleece inner layer, they are better than many sweaters and sweaters. The secret of the popularity of their use is comfort and practicality, it is also important that you do not need to adapt to the image, go well with any casual clothes, and even try to penetrate outfits of other styles.

Important! The hoodie looks very stylish in the casual look of girls, old women should choose and wear a sweatshirt carefully, avoiding funny cartoons that will look ridiculous.

With a Long Sports Dress

A great combination of two sporting items, a maxi dress and a hoodie, it will be supported by a pair of white sneakers and a small backpack. Such an ensemble looks stylish and cool. It can be used to walk with a girlfriend or to go shopping.

With Palazzo Pants

Baggy pants are perfect for a loose hoodie. In cold times, you can put on a coat or trench coat from above, it is worth adding stylish high-top sneakers or ankle boots to complement the image. Do not forget about the bag over the shoulder, which is visible from the side from under the open outerwear.

With over the Knee-High Boots

Hoodies and over-the-knee boots are two universal things that can easily be paired with shorts, skinny jeans, leggings, and a mini skirt. Under a long hoodie with boots, you can only wear dense tights.Important! Do not forget that there must be a distance of at least 10 cm between the edge of clothing and boots.

With a Long Skirt on the Floor

Another great companion to a sweatshirt is a long skirt. You can complement this duo with high-heeled shoes – ankle boots, boots, but the look will also look great with sports models without a heel – sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons.

With a Jacket

Looks interesting hoodie with jeans and a jacket. If the length allows, you can tuck the sweatshirt into your pants, but leaving it on is also a good option. The jacket should be free cut so that it does not create the impression that you stepped out of it.

Pay attention to hoodies when wearing a pantsuit. It will be a good solution to create another non-trivial everyday look, elegant and comfortable at the same time. Shoes with low or high heels, if the pants are narrow or vice versa, very wide cut, will complete the creation of the outfit.

Short Skirt

Chic is the option for a gray sweatshirt with a green plaid short flared skirt. In addition to dense dark green tights, white tights and sneakers, an image will be born for a young fan of sports games. A black hoodie with an elongated zip goes well with a short dark red skirt, a gray black panther t shirt, black ankle boots, and a floral print scarf.

With Heels and Pants

Another trend image is created by a combination of incongruous. Fashionistas are happy to wear hoodies and sweatpants in the same color, complementing them with high-heeled open sandals. A comfortable ensemble may consist of black cropped hoodie and gray sweatpants with black stripes. Complete your look with black stiletto sandals and a satin bomber jacket.


Seems non-trivial with a shorter hooded kit. In any image, it is convenient and practical. A prerequisite is that the edge of the shirt must be rounded and not protrude from under the sweatshirt more than 10-15 cm.

With a Fur Coat

A gray hoodie is paired with a black pleated midi skirt and a long brown fur coat with a turn-down collar. And with a leopard print of a short fur coat, sweatshirts of any color without inscriptions look wonderful, a white shirt is worn and ripped jeans. As shoes, you can choose fashionable shoes or leather high-top sneakers.

With a Raincoat

The main feature of the combination of strict classic trench coat details and a relaxed hoodie is how stylish the hood looks, thrown over clothing. A tan trench coat with a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black shoes looks great.

With Denim Shorts

Girls with a slim figure really like outfits consisting of short or medium hoodies and denim shorts. In such clothes it is comfortable, convenient, and sneakers or lace-up boots will make the image even more mobile.

With Leggings

For a walk in the park or meeting friends, choose an elongated black sweatshirt with a printed crop top and black leggings. This outfit is perfectly complemented by black high-top sneakers. You can spend a winter day outside in a set of hoodies, leggings, and a warm parka. For comfortable movement on snowy roads, you should wear boots with high laces.

With a Cape

The image with a sweatshirt is harmoniously complemented by a cape. A hoodie with a collarless cape will look especially good. This outfit is perfectly complemented by skinny jeans and suede over the knee boots.

With a Matching Dress

A hoodie is combined with things from other styles of clothing. The pale pink combo dress looks amazing with the same hoodie, a white faux fur coat, and Boseman shoes.

With Culottes

Cropped-like pants created especially for a hooded duo. If with the help of these wardrobe items a total bow is formed, the image will look elegant and very attractive. It is worth complementing it with shoes of sports models.

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