What is Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting, Is it the Best choice for you?


Are you new to web hosting, is this your first site, having a low budget? Or you are confused to choose the best web hosting plan for you. So you have landed on the right page where you will clear all your queries and doubts.

In this topic, we will discuss shared hosting in detail to help you understand what is shared hosting, not only you will get to know who is the best website hosting provider for you.


Somehow creating a website is easy and exciting but what is the next step the next step is to host our website, to find the companies, and to find the best web hosting for beginners like us.

Which cost low and in which we don’t have to give more time. So today we are going to talk about shared hosting which is a type of web hosting. Which is best for those users who are going to start fresh and have less knowledge about hosting?

So starting of anything is not that easy but somewhere shared hosting is going to help you to learn something by which in future you can go for premium web hosting like VPS or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting can be share among hundred or more than a hundred users.

So basically shared hosting is a type of hosting which enables so many websites on a single server.

Pros of Shared Hosting

It is very cost-effective because so many users are there to use this same server so everyone will share the cost equally.

It is very easy to self-manage and it doesn’t need any maintenance cost, as this is a shared server so if one user will go for maintenance then others also have to pay for this which is not possible because we don’t know who are the other users. For up-gradation you can switch to VPS or dedicated hosting.

Good for startup projects, users who are new in this field and want to start this as their dream project can use shared hosting.

As we know every coin has a two-phase head and tail. I told you about merits of shared hosting but some limitations are also there.

Cons of Shared Hosting

As so many people using this server at the same time so if any user’s website getting more views or there is more traffic on other’s sites then your site will take more time to load and it can harm the performance and speed of your website and if you think that because of your popularity (more website traffic) the website is busy, then you may-be wrong, some other site on your server is getting popularity.

If you want to use customized software then this hosting is not for you, because shared hosting doesn’t support customized software for customization you have to go for advance hosting like (VPS) or dedicated hosting.

You will get very limited resources on shared hosting, if you want to add some more resources to your website then sorry you can’t because of the limited resources provided by host.

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How Shared Hosting Works?

As we know till now shared hosting is a single server that hosts different sites at a time. According to the available RAM, hard drive space and the processing speed users are divided into few hundred to several thousand.

There is prominent number of users though the resources are used from the same web server. Every individual user has its file directory tree having separate account files and separate stored applications from others.

All website users on shared hosting are just using the resources of that web server.

Shared Hosting is a Remedy

Shared hosting is the righteous choice for your website if you

  • Are having little experience with web hosting or this is your first website.
  • Want low expenditure on your website.
  • Don’t have any advance knowledge about web programming.
  • Are studying Joomla or WordPress applications.
  • Are a fresher and starting a new startup.
  • Want to experiment with coding and web designing.

Somewhere you have to start because as a beginner you can face a problem.

Maybe in starting you can’t collect the masses for your website as you have thought of because it’s just beginning.


The first alternative to shared hosting is a virtual private server (VPS). VPS allows you to access your server. It allocates you number of resources and a choice-able pre-installed operating system. Basically (VPS) is also a shared hosting but with different compartment.

It can allow you to use customized software. It allows you to increase disk space. If you have a great idea to publish your website with many videos and many more images but can’t do that in shared hosting so VPS is a right option.

VPS hosting could be the best solutions for those users whose sites are too small for dedicated hosting and big for shared hosting.

The second alternative is dedicated hosting which makes you the boss of your server no sharing and no competition for speed, storage and bandwidth. Only your site will host from that single server.

This is very expensive and need IT-level skills to manage this hosting. This can be your right option if you are looking to maximize your control and want a greater server performance.


I think after reading this article you are cleared with all your doubts regarding shared hosting its pros and cons and its alternative.

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