The Importance of Digital Marketing Internships for your Career

The Importance of Digital Marketing Internships for your Career


How important is it to take on an internship before applying for a job? Do you need a certificate? The hands-on experience? Or, is it just a matter of finding the right job? During the college year, a lot of students may feel overwhelmed with coursework, co-curricular activities, tuitions, and sports that keep them extremely busy giving them no time to think about an internship or a job. Once they are almost done with college, they then begin to realize that they need to make money to pay for their expenses, but with only unpaid internships to fall back on – it begs the question if internships are important for their future career. Let’s explain why it is in fact important.

An internship provides the first-hand experience 

If you’re lucky enough to snag a good internship, it can be very valuable to your career. A digital marketing internship enables you to get first-hand exposure and experience of what it’s like to work in the real world. It provides students with skills, knowledge, experience, and more which you only learn a part of in university. The great thing about internships is that it teaches you about specific parts of jobs and companies that you want to get into and exposes you to new people and a whole new network of contacts which prove to be very helpful. An intern in a professional company is given proper training, assignments, and duties with no added pressure (especially if it is unpaid). It provides a good learning curve for you.

Gives you an opportunity to learn more about what you can do 

The experiences you go through is what shapes you and your internship will not only encourage personal growth but also a better understanding of your abilities. It will take you out of your comfort zone and bring you face to face with new goals and how to achieve them. For example, if a graphic designer decides to do an internship in his/her field of study, it will give them a chance to explore what it would be like, but sometimes he/she may not like it. At this point, they can decide if they want to take on another role or try something else.

Develop connections and a professional network 

A digital marketing course will encourage the exchange of information between two individuals with the aim of establishing acquaintances and making better business and personal relationships to advance your career even more. On the other hand, a machine learning certificationhelps you to meet professionals in your industry and learn a lot from them, as an intern it will give you several chances to build connections with company professionals that can recommend you or give you a good write-up for your future career.  Even if you don’t need it and the expert isn’t in your field it’s still good to build a relationship as it can come in handy some time or the other. Always print and carry business cards along with you anytime and anywhere as you would never know who you would meet.

The Bottom Line 

Even though it isn’t guaranteed, most business owners are always looking to hire interns and add value to their organization. With an internship, you have a chance to add to your resume, showcase your talents, build upon your commitment, and show your prospective employer that you aren’t scared of a little hard work. Brand owners are more inclined to hire digital marketing interns after they spend tons of time and money to train you on marketing, branding, social media, content, graphic design, and more.   Most internships last from six months to a year after which you can either stay with your company or move on to a better one. It also gives you an outlook into the real world and the skills you need to build your future.

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