valentines gifts based on his zodiac signs

Surprise him with these valentines gifts based on his zodiac signs


There are no written rules or guidelines to choose a perfect Valentine’s gift for your man. But, hey. We have to tell you one big thing about buying Valentine’s presents for him. Well, choosing a present based on his traits will most definitely earn you brownie points. Amazing right? It’s no rocket science, TBH. All you have to do is know his zodiac sign and voila. You have something that actually matches his personality!

We’ve curated a list of presents based on his zodiac signs that you can give your man on V-Day. Here’s what you can surprise him with this year:

1. Aries: Personalised Box of Chocolates

His energy is unmissable. With such a youthful personality that doesn’t fade away with age, there’s only one gift that can work wonders on him. It’s a classic box of chocolates. Just like him, a chocolate box also never grows old. So, grab an exclusive Valentine’s chocolate box for your Arian and personalize it with love.

2. Taurus: Astrological Gift Box

Comfort and riches is a Taurus’s thing. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, you must be aware of that since your man is a Taurus. For the man who has a thing for extravagant items, curate a gift box with premium essential oils and spa goodies. Go ahead and engrave his zodiac sign on the box.

3. Gemini: Monthly Book Subscription

He spends most of his time buried in books, right? Well, now that’s a Gemini problem! They are voracious readers. In that case, there’s only one gift for your Gemini beau. It’s a monthly book subscription. Not only will your reader boyfriend wake up to a new book every month but also admire you for noticing his interests.

4. Cancer: Throw Pillow

They are the homemakers. They will go above and beyond to keep their house looking warm, cosy, and comfortable every single day. For such a homebody, a throw pillow makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. So, if your man is Cancerian, get a personalised throw pillow for him.

5. Leo: Branded Perfume

If there’s anything that fascinates them, it is luxury products. In fact, Leo is drawn towards fancy items that are bright and eye-catchy. So, get your main guy a classy bottle of branded perfume as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s indeed a great gift that’ll take their love for sophistication a notch higher!

6. Virgo: Trinket Box

Virgos are fond of practical and logical gifts. They’ll appreciate it if you buy them something useful that helps them stay organised at all times. So if your man is a Virgo, a trinket box is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for him.

7. Libra: Skincare Delights

Librans are all about good looks, good looks, and good looks. If he is obsessed with his appearance too, he’d love a good skincare set. So, choose a combo pack of face products, shaving and grooming essentials for him.

8. Scorpio: Zodiac Journal

Now, if there’s one thing that will define your Scorpion man, it is mysterious (ugh!) For such a secretive person, a zodiac inspired journal is perfect! You know why? Well, he will pour down his things going on with him atleast in this book. He will no longer have to keep it to himself!

9. Sagittarius: Leather Overnight Bag

His desire to travel the world is incomparable. Well, what can we say? He’s a Sagittarius! No other sign other than Sagittarius will go out of their way to explore exotic destinations. Because he loves the smell of a new city, a leather overnight bag makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him.

10. Capricon: Under The Stars Glass Coaster Set

They appreciate classic pieces. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband or boyfriend who is a Capricon, pick this gorgeous coaster set for him. You know why? It’s a timeless gift item that will not go out of style!

11. Aquarius: Fundraising Event Ticket

Now, if there’s one thing you should know about this sun sign it is that they are extremely sensitive towards others needs. That’s how they actually are! If your man runs at the opportunity to help others without thinking twice, buy him a ticket to a fundraising event and give it to him on Valentine’s Day.

12. Pisces: Ugg Slippers

Staying comfortably inside the house is the only mantra of every Pisces. Well, if your man prefers staying in over going out, these ugg slippers are perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. With these comfy slippers, he can chill and lounge around in the house with maximum comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? You have everything that you need to impress him this year on Valentine’s Day. Get working. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

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