Roger Wolfson - Why Do Words Matter in a Manuscript and Speech Writing

Roger Wolfson – Why Do Words Matter in a Manuscript and Speech Writing


Writing is a wonderful experience. Whether you write professionally or for personal satisfaction, your piece can reach out to a large number of readers in deep ways. When you are writing a manuscript, you need to focus on your characters to make them credible and come alive. This can be done effectively with the proper word choice. You can communicate your ideas better. Descriptions of your characters can be made authentic when you choose the right words.

Roger Wolfson – Words matter in manuscript and speech writing

Roger Wolfson is an eminent TV writer, activist, screenwriter, and speechwriter in Los Angeles, USA. He is known for his excellent work when it comes to reaching out to the targeted audience and creating the intended impressions. Words are, in fact, the simplest part of a language. When you are communicating or delivering thoughts or any idea, you should use the proper word. In manuscript and speech writing, this is an integral ingredient for communication of ideas and thoughts.

Factors that influence the choice of words

Note, the choice of words is the style with which you express yourself. Most writers choose the words they are comfortable with. If you want to connect with any audience, it is prudent to choose words your audience understands.

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In screenplays and TV writing, you need to choose words that highlight the journey of the main characters. When you writing for TV or screenplays or even a speech keeps the following factors in mind-

  1. Sentence construction
  2. Dynamic dialogue, and
  3. Use of words

Also, keep in mind the following tips-

  • Create your outline- Most writers complain of a syndrome called the “writer’s block.” In reality, the writer’s block actually does not exist. This so-called mental state can be referred to as an imaginary barrier due to a disorganized and fatigued thought process. If the writer has not worked out the story properly, it will cause stress and mental fatigue. It is crucial for you to plan out your whole story first, create a feasible outline, and start writing. Remember to choose the right choice of words that your audience will understand easily.
  • Clichés- When you are choosing words for screenplays and TV writing, make sure you choose original words that help you describe the character better. The aim of the writer is to build up vivid imagery in the mind of the reader. You should be succinct. You need to use more words in describing the action, as this will help you avoid wasting time.
  • Keep your audience in mind- When you are writing, make sure you always keep your audience in mind. This helps you focus and avoid going off track. Moreover, what you are writing will always depend upon that audience, so ensure you serve them well.

Good writers like Roger Wolfson believe the learning process never ends. You can always do better with your writing and learn from past mistakes. Reading helps you a lot when it comes to new words. You can choose the right words and impress everyone with your writing skills with success.

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