Car Parking

Lidar Technology Facilitating Autonomous Car Parking


If one hates parking his/her car or is not good at it, investing in self-parking technology can take the stress out of driving. There are cars available today that can park automatically without any manual handling in restricted and tight spaces. The presence of aeva 4d lidar technology in high-end cars makes parking a hassle-free task.

What is it all about?

Self-parking or automatic parking is the independent car handling system that enables a vehicle to move from a traffic lane into a parking area and perform parallel, angle, or perpendicular parking techniques as demanded. Such a system has been designed to enhance the safety of driving and also provide the driver with the utmost comfort in restrained environments where a lot of skill and experience is required in driving.

The entire maneuvering of the car parking is done with the aid of a coordinated, well-designed, and controlled steering speed and angle. It considers the actual situation and makes sure that there is a collision-free motion with the given restricted parking space. Thanks to LiDAR technology that has been making it possible.

How does it function?

Self-parking or sometimes it is referred to as Park Assist is a simple technology that has the potential to balance a huge amount of information required to undertake the complex handling of the cars. The very first aspect that the technology focuses on is identifying a desirable space with the help of 360-degree inbuilt cameras.

It is the car’s cameras and the sensors that scan the whole parking area for suitable space to park. Once the car that is equipped with the aeva 4d lidar technology identifies the desired space, it informs the driver. One needs to select the reverse gear and the rest will be performed by the car. One will find the car slowly and carefully getting positioned in space as if it is magic.

Self-parking technology is better than human drivers

Some cars feature semi-automatic technology where one needs to play a role by applying the brakes. With LiDAR technology, the positioning of the vehicle is perfect and automatic. Such a technology guarantees that it will perform a way better job than 99% of the drivers who claim to be skilled, experienced, and confident of parking.

The self-parking technology helps a driver to avoid the situations where he/she always ends up banging the car with a wall or a curb or even smashing other parked vehicles. It saves from damaging properties or getting injured.


The aeva 4d lidar technology used in self-parking cars can track or monitor the speed, position, and proximity with other objects. Hence, its monitoring potential of the LiDAR technology makes a car capable of functioning independently. The automobile manufacturers are estimating that self-parking technology will be trending in the mainstream market very soon. The technology has been found to outperform manual parking in respect to speed, the number of obstacles hitting, the closeness to the curb or wall. The ultra-long distance detection makes 4d LiDAR technology a hit in the automobile industry.

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