Is Smartphone affecting your sleep

Is Smartphone affecting your sleep?


Most of the people will reply to ‘Is Smartphone affecting our sleep?’ with a big‘Yes!’

We all are aware of it and still can’t seem to help it. There are enough researches and literature to prove the fact. But it is possibly the lack of awareness or information that still makes people fear a cup of coffee more than the exposure to screen just before the bed. It is ironical how most of us do not know that “smartphone is the new caffeine!”

Smartphone and Sleep—the connection

It is not just the smartphone but every device that comes with a screen is responsible for adversely affecting the sleep. Smartphones and other devices with screen such as tablets, laptops etc. emit a blue light. It is precisely this blue light that is the real culprit and calls for the careful handling of a smartphone.

The function of blue light is actually to make it easier for the smartphone users to see even in the sun light. But when the same blue light emits at night, it disrupts the production of melatonin in brain. Melatonin is a hormone that keeps track of the Circadian rhythm in our body and also maintains the sleep cycle.

It is actually the blue light that signals the brain to be alert and wake up in the morning. On the contrary, it is the red light that is emitted post the sun set that signals the body to get into the resting mode and sleep.

The use of smartphones at night disrupts this balance and makes it difficult for the user to fall asleep easily.

Also, it is the other way sometimes. For example, if your mattress is not good and is causing discomfort, you will try finding a distraction and keep using your phone. In that case, check double bed mattress online lowest price right now, and change the one you are using.

Suggestions to improve sleep cycle

If you are also one of those who suffer from the ill-effects of use of smartphone, here are a few suggestions to go by:

  • One of the top secrets to having a good quality deep sleep is to have a fixed sleeping time and fixed time to wake up as well.
  • Ensure that you invest in good quality sleep gear. Buy the best memory foam pillow and mattress to ensure that you sleep well. This is one investment you will not regret making at all.
  • Avoid using not just your smartphone but also any kind of device with a screen at least an hour before you hit the bed.
  • Meditate for a few minutes before you get into your reclining position, it can do wonders for your sleep.
  • Wind up your meal at least three hours before your sleep time. This will make you feel light and not bloated when you sleep.

The Crux

Smartphones are essential for us, but overuse is something everyone must avoid. The minute you feel like it is affecting your sleep, take the right steps as suggested in the article. Because, screen-free sleep is the right sleep!

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