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Is Moving Your Website To Cloud Hosting Worth It?


As a site owner, buying the right web hosting plan is important to ensure its optimal performance. While there are many options available like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc., a Cloud Hosting service has evolved as a preferred hosting type. This is primarily due to the range of benefits offered by a Cloud Host

In this competitive market, choosing the right hosting plan can usually be the difference between a successful and struggling website. If you are considering migrating to Cloud Web Hosting, then here are some points that can help you assess if the move is worth it.

1: Value for Money

Web hosting plans are priced differently based on the hosting server and resources offered. Compared to traditional Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting plans are costlier. This is primarily because they have a cloud storage network supporting the webserver. This allows Cloud Hosting providers to offer features like instant resource scalability, maximum uptimes, top-notch security, etc. If your website has outgrown the Shared Hosting plan, then these features can ensure that your site performs optimally, making the additional cost worth it. 

2: Fast-loading websites

A website hosted on a Cloud Hosting Server tends to load faster than most traditional servers. This is due to data mirroring on the cloud storage network that helps reduce latency. Further, most providers offering Cloud Hosting solutions use a Content Delivery Network and/or caching applications to further boost the loading time of the site.

3: Not geographically constrained 

Since the site is stored on a webserver, every time a user visits the site, the request is processed by the server. In traditional hosting plans, the site was stored on a physical web server at a specific location. If the user comes from a distant location, then there can be a time lag in processing the request. With Cloud Hosting, since the site data is replicated across the cloud network, the server closest to the user processes the request and reduces the lag time.

4: Site Security

Most web hosting services are secure, and hosts use the latest security applications to ensure the security of the hosted websites. Further, they use firewalls to keep viruses and malware at bay. Cloud Hosting, with data mirroring, ensures that you always have a working copy of your site available online. If you opt for Managed Cloud Hosting, then a team of experts takes care of the security scans. This makes cloud-hosted websites more secure than traditionally hosted sites.

And if you are still wondering whether you need to move, the following video lists 5 reasons that demand a move to Cloud Hosting:

Summing Up

As you can see, Cloud Hosting offers many benefits. Hence, despite the higher costs, plans offered by providers offering Cloud Hosting services in India are highly cost-efficient. However, before you decide to move your site to Cloud Hosting, assess its hosting requirements and choose a Cloud Hosting plan accordingly. Also, before you move the site, create a detailed plan to ensure that the migration is seamless. Good Luck! 

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