Right Respirator for your Workplace

How to Choose the Right Respirator for your Workplace?


Respirators are one of the most critical pieces of equipment for any site worker. It provides them general safety and keeps them completely safe. It prevents the workers from inhaling any harmful particles present in the air like silica, dust, or harmful air pathogens present at a construction site.

Why is it needed?

Before buying a respirator, a person should know the exact purpose and need of the respirator they’re opting for. There are a variety of respirators present in the market which can provide various benefits to the person. But firstly one should know the type of harmful particles they’re surrounded with for the whole day. Some of the most common particles present at a construction site are:

  • Chalkdust
  • Sawdust
  • Insect dander
  • Pesticides
  • Silica particles
  • Latex granules
  • Lead particles

These particles are highly disease-prone and can cause severe damage to the lungs, skin, eyes, etc. So that is why a respirator usually covers the mouth, nose, and sometimes the whole head and protects workers from inhaling these harmful particles.

Selecting the appropriate Respirators

To choose the proper respirator for your workplace, first, you should analyze your workspace to the fullest to find the air respiratory hazardous particles present in the premises. The respirator which you should buy directly depends upon the kind of particles that are present around you. The main types of respirators that are present in the market are:

  • Particulate respirator
  • Automatic self-controlled respirators
  • Air-purifying latest respirators
  • Respirators with chemical cartridges

The most inexpensive and popular respirator among these is the particulate type respirator. Respirators are usually available in two types, half-face and full-face, i.e., the N-95 respirator mask and the N-100.

Type of Respirator that you should buy

Specific considerations need to be kept in before purchasing a respirator that is:

  • One should always opt for a mask that gives the best-sealed protection to the whole face, especially the mouth and the face area, without any leakage.
  • The mask should have a plastic exhalation valve attached to it. It gives more comfort to the person and increases the lifespan of the respirator.
  • If you’re going for a chemical cartridge type of respirator, then you should opt for that one that gives the functionality to detach the cartridge as well. These cartridges can be easily separated from the respirators and can be easily replaced as well.
  • These cartridge respirators are well-built to filter particular types of hazards like mercury, ammonia, or different kinds of acids.
  • If you are working at a place where these particles are present but in a small amount, then a half-face respirator would do good, but if the site is highly contagious, you need a P100 rated respirator covering the entire face.

Safety tips

  • Smell alarm: If you notice a foul smell after wearing the respirator, it is the most common indication to remind you that you need to change the filters.
  • Keep them dry: The filters and the complete respirator should be firmly kept at a dry place where they don’t get wet quickly.
  • Avoid reuse: P100 or other respirators should be cleaned regularly, and the different disposable respirators should never be used more than once.

The above article would help you in choosing the right type of respirator that fulfills all your requirements.

If you’re looking for the best respirators in the market that give you the best protection against all kinds of particles, then you’re definitely at the right place to shop. Premier Safety offers a wide range of certified respirators that quickly filters all the air particles and provides you clean air to breathe. Click here to know more.

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