How to Choose AI in Business to Make Better Decisions

How to Choose AI in Business to Make Better Decisions


Technology in current times is moving at the speed of light. Artificial Intelligence (AI), an umbrella term of creating smart machines including, but not limited to robotics, deep and machine learning, natural language processing etc., has helped process and analyze information in ways we could never imagine. AI can be defined as a collective term of designing computers and machines, sensing the cognitive functions of human behaviour. The varied applications of AI have become a part of everyday life, whether it’s asking help from Siri or Google Assistant to read your messages or emails, or finding places for you. It makes AI a powerful tool, which, when used wisely, can help make rational decisions and change the way of doing businesses. The article discusses how AI business strategy helps achieve effectiveness and efficiency into operations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Business

AI, not a new discipline but a disruptive technology, mostly autonomous, helps understand the needs and wants of the users to perform tasks better. AI has data-based models and simulations to assist with all kinds of decision-making, reducing the tedious tasks of human intervention. AI in business strategy is making a difference in many ways. It has a significant impact and can aid the growth of both the economy and humans. The focus of the several AI applications discussed below highlights the ways of how to integrate AI in Business Strategy to make better decisions:


In today’s customer-driven market, recurring changes in customer needs and wants, are increasing the complexities in marketing decisions. Identifying these changes in consumer behaviour is vital to make the right marketing decisions. AI in business management provides reliable insight to predict consumer preferences. Through real-time data gathering, trend analysis and forecast information, AI in business management helps make insightful marketing decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through AI

AI in business management within CRM systems enables many automated functions such as data management, analysis and lead ranking. Businesses can identify a consumer’s lifetime value by using AI’s persona modelling. These applications help the sales and marketing teams work efficiently by managing and controlling different factors at the same point in time. AI processes large amounts of data in no time providing valuable business insights.

Augmented AI

The augmented efficiency lent by artificial intelligence in today’s businesses has gone beyond the assembly lines of the past. The augmented analytics enables companies to make more efficient decision-making and quick action. AI in business management improves the performance of the individual members of the team.

Opinion Mining

It is a kind of data mining that helps retailers predict demands and it also searches the web for opinions and feelings. AI has improved this process through automation and shortens the constant search and analysis functions which help enhance communication with the customers. When these opinions are gathered and analyzed correctly, the information so collected help the organizations to gauge and predict the concerns of consumers. The opinion mining process through AI automation is reliable and helps organizations to make critical business decisions.

Social Computing

AI in business management enables simulation, analysis and prediction of consumer behaviour. Social computing through AI helps marketing professionals understand the social behaviour of their target audience. These AI applications are also used to understand online social media networks to market their products.

The Future of Decision-Making with AI Business Strategy

Artificial intelligence is no danger to people losing their jobs to machines; instead, it has a lot of potential to enhance people’s jobs and will help them work more efficiently. AI with its varied applications will help businesses to make more informed and effective decisions having a positive impact on their Business. And surely, if the decision-makers and business executives will be provided with reliable data analysis, recommendations and follow-ups through AI, they can make better choices for their employees too. AI can be incorporated with your existing business module, making it more valuable.

In the end, all technological revolutions were not just propelled by discovery but were required due to societal changes and needs. We should pursue these possibilities not only because it is needed, but we must fulfill them. To learn how businesses can avail the benefits of AI start with a strong foundation in business fundamentals. With a broad range of courses offered by IIM Udaipur, there are plenty of options enhancing your skills to take further steps in your career. IIM Udaipur’s first-ever One-Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) is structured around leadership styles in digital businesses. It helps prepare professionals for careers in emerging digital markets

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