How Can Kids Prepare for their End Term Exams?

How Can Kids Prepare for their End Term Exams?


In the pandemic situation, it had become challenging for a student to get an education since all of the mechanism has been shifted into digital form. Now while the digitalization has ended the concurrent issue of getting frequent lectures and training while not having to move about from your house to school or an academy due to the potential threat of the virus. Since the virus is so contagious even with all the precautionary measures, it is still difficult to ultimately say that with all such actions taken by schools or academies, it will ensure that the virus will not infect anyone. Since the virus has no boundaries and, in fact, according to some researchers of infectious diseases, the infection (COVID-19) changes its characteristics according to the geographical location. Although such abnormalities can not be found, the point we all need to ponder is that even if a vaccine is created, it may be only for a certain proportion of the patient and may not work the same for everyone around the world.

Hence in such conditions, we need to understand that it is essential that we take all necessary precautions we can to keep ourselves protected. For this, it only made sense to keep the education going as usual, just on application such as Zoom and Skype Et cetera. But according to students, digital lectures are of little use since it demands too much from the students since the teacher can only do so much. Usually, other factors, such as internet speed, fluctuations in the connectivity, availability of electrical devices, and the internet itself, are a problem. This is because rich people can afford expensive and better technology. At the same time, the middle class or the lower class have been affected deeply due to the COVID-19 for which they are unable to afford such luxuries, which they could have managed before. As a result, it has become an enormous concern, specifically for parents who have kids in 6th or 7th grade, since their young ones can’t even understand and use 7th grade spelling words that are bring taught during these online sessions.

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We need to realize that the virus is not going anywhere, which means that the educational system will keep working on digital means until or unless there is a significant decrease in the full spread of the disease globally, which would indicate that soon teachers will conduct English spelling test which would come at a substantial difficulty for these students to perform. Since it is already difficult to learn from online lectures for these young children to pick things up and then master them on their own, on top of this getting quizzed for, it would only add salt to the wounds. Now the questions arise what the students should do?

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First off, they need to appear for the exam since the schools have made such policies that they won’t allow students to jump grades without any proper testing and questioning quickly. For this, what kids can do to pull off good marks on their spelling test is to prepare tests through intuitive applications such as the SpellQuiz or the Quizlet. These applications can immensely help in preparing students in getting prepared for multiple reasons. Their user-friendly interface on top of their highly intuitive and student-fit quizzes, which allows students to prepare themselves, makes them one of the best solutions to these problems. According to multiple articles, these applications have already seen a spike in their usage as people are now becoming more and more aware of such services, which they have never heard before. The fact that these applications are generally free, but still contain some in-app purchases along with a subscription-free for people who want to but their premium pass which would primarily help them to get even better facilities in getting well prepared for the exams. Even schools recommend that parents get these applications on their laptop and tablet phone devices, which helps schools and the faculty since it is virtually a learning resource for kids, eventually decreasing the burden from the school and the teachers.

Having such facilities in today’s day and age, even considering the concurrent pandemic, are super resourceful and productive, to say the least. The sheer fact that schools and also universities have failed to provide learning which has some substance or weight. Through these online lectures, hollow teachings have been unable on the opinion of the majority of students all around the world. We must realize that things might never change for the better while we should hope for the best, we need to move on than to ponder on ifs and buts, we must take up these applications as our last resort and try to remain as productive as we can since it is all that we can do under this situation.

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