You Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

How Can You Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle?


It doesn’t matter whether you are relocating because of work, going for a long-term vacation, or just planning to move a vintage car to a trade show, choosing a car shipping company looks like the best choice, especially when you compare it with driving the car and covering long distances.

There used to be a time when there were only a handful of auto transport services available but as people started realizing the benefit of shipping a car over towing and driving, the market started growing and even the number of car shipping companies increased.

In addition to saving money, shipping a car is less stressful, especially when you are already bogged down with a lot of work and following a busy schedule. But still, there are many people who feel intimidated by the auto transport service, and to help those people, we have come with a guide on how to arrange auto transport for your vehicle.

Be proactive when it comes to planning

Before booking the car shipment service, you should be clear about the dates and places. The further in advance you plan, the better. You can also go on with the window of acceptable dates as in many cases, the auto transport companies are not able to pick up the vehicle or deliver the vehicle on a chosen date if you make sudden changes.

In addition to this, in some seasons, auto transport companies have to deal with more orders, and therefore, by choosing to ship your car during off-seasons like during early spring or late fall, you can even save some money.

You should also consider the budget before booking the auto transport company for military car shipping. For example, if you are shipping a luxurious car or a vintage car then you have to choose enclosed car shipping and this will cost you more than open car shipping.

Spend time on finding the best company

Don’t just choose the first auto shipping company that appears at the top of the search result. Instead, spend time and effort in finding the best auto shipping company. Start looking for some of the most reputed car shipping companies and start filtering down on the basis of your specific needs.

To begin with, you can try to get feedback from people around you who have used any type of car shipping service in the past. You can ask about the type of company they chose, how much they paid, their experience with the company, and which vehicle they shipped.

Searching online is also a good idea for finding the best company for military car shipping but you should never forget about reading reviews on reputed websites like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Transport Reviews, and Review Centre.

Get initial quotes

Always get quotes from the companies that have filtered from the internet. For getting a quote, you just have to visit the official website of the company and after that, you just have to enter the specifications of your vehicle along with the pickup and destination point.

In most cases, you can get free initial quotes right away but if that is not the case, then a representative from the company will contact you and get more details about the type of shipment you want.

Make sure to include all the information and while getting the quotes as this will keep the quote closer to the actual price you have to pay for military car shipping.

Prepare the vehicle for the trip

After booking the order, you must not forget to prepare the vehicle for the trip. Gather all the important documents like the insurance proof of your car, booking confirmation, your photo ID, car registration, and much more.

It’s true that the auto transport company is going to provide you with insurance during the shipment process but it is always a better idea to check your own insurance before your vehicle is picked up.

At the time of pickup and delivery, either you or anyone else whom you trust must be present at the pickup and delivery place to meet the driver, go through the arrangements for avoiding any type of delay.

Handing over the vehicle

A truck is going to arrive at the pickup location for shipping your car within the set timeframe. But you don’t need to keep waiting for the pickup as the auto transport company will inform you before the truck leaves the premises to arrive at the pickup point.

A bill of lading will be used by the driver to go through the agreement between you and the company and the same bill of lading needs to be signed while receiving the vehicle. Go through the bill of lading carefully for avoiding any issues in the future,

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