Effective Remedies To Lighten Sunburned Skin

Effective Remedies To Lighten Sunburned Skin


Even today, some people do not apply any filter on their skin or do it insufficiently (most people do not know exactly what type of protection their skin type needs). These oversights make it easier for the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to burn us excessively.

Sunburns can appear in the form of spots in specific places where radiation has been concentrated on poorly protected skin, or they appear in the form of large reddened areas of our skin when the capacity of the epithelial cells to generate melanin to prevent ultraviolet radiation from causing damage is exceeded. We will review various effective remedies to diminish the affectation and return our skin to its natural color to treat these spots.

Avoid the sun

It may seem obvious, but this element is essential to prevent the burn from becoming more serious. It is necessary to protect the burned area and avoid direct exposure to solar radiation. While it is not something that lightens the skin or heals directly, it allows the body to regenerate and reduce or at least not worsen.

Aloe Vera

One of the most widely accepted products in the treatment of sunburn, to the point that many cosmetics, sun creams, and aftersun incorporate it, is aloe vera.

The use of this plant, either in lotion or extract, helps to regenerate the skin and lighten the spots that appear on it, and reduce swelling and irritation of the burned area. Its regular use is recommended daily.

Recovery from food: moisturizing and vitamin-rich products

An essential part both to improve the situation of the burn and to lighten the burned skin is to help the body itself to repair the injured area. In this sense, it is essential to hydrate the person by drinking water and consuming fruits such as watermelon or oranges.

Also, it is highly recommended the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C (helpful in the production of collagen) and D (protects against external aggressions and dehydration of the skin), as well as A (which strengthens the skin’s defenses and facilitates healing) and E (an excellent antioxidant that hinders skin aging), all relevant vitamins in the regeneration of the skin. Among them are recommended products such as the orange above, kiwi, cucumber or grapes, avocado, fish or dairy products, eggs or wheat. You can complement your nutrition by using skin caps; some have specific components besides helping you recover your skin’s original tone and bring benefits to other parts of your body.

Very gentle exfoliation

Although in this case, this remedy is controversial, since it can have the opposite effect to the desired one, another way to return the burned skin to its usual tone is through exfoliation, that is, the removal of the remains of dead or damaged skin to promote oxygenation of the still healthy skin, accelerating the regeneration of the area.

Lemon, chamomile, parsley, papaya, yogurt, cucumber, or egg whites

Skin caps, along with these natural skin whitening foods and can help reduce redness caused by sunspots when used topically. Infusions (such as chamomile or parsley), creams, or masks (such as papaya or yogurt mixed with cucumber) can be used.

However, it should be noted that in products such as lemon, the acid it contains can be irritating, so if it is used, it should be reduced with water.


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