Dedicated Server Purchasing Guide

Dedicated Server Purchasing Guide – Need to Know When Choosing a Dedicated Server


Why Do you Need a Dedicated Server? 

The very first step when buying a Cheap Dedicated Server should be to ensure that the user needs a dedicated server. There are many other hosting options to consider, including shared hosting and virtual servers. At Anchor we see three independent reasons why customers may need cheap dedicated server located in Germany:

  • Performance
  • Control
  • Safety
  • Performance

There are two reasons why performance becomes a decisive factor when choosing Germany dedicated server. The first is that the application has previously been hosted on a shared (or virtual server) environment and the application’s load has proven to be too high – i.e. H. The hosting company has announced that the user needs their own server. The second reason is that the application of the user’s hosting depends very much on consistently fast response times. By definition, in a shared environment, the user uses shared resources. Sometimes, not often, other users on the server can cause the site to slow down. If this cannot be tolerated, application performance can be a good reason to switch to a dedicated server.

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When the user needs control of the server to do things that the user cannot do on a shared server, the user is often forced to be dedicated. The control is usually done with regard to the possibility to carry out the configuration on the server without any restrictions. If the user wants to log in as administrator or root, he needs a dedicated server to achieve this level of control.

If the user is not on France and Germany Dedicated Server, he has the advantage that all changes are made by professional systems. However, administrators have the disadvantages that if the user is a prospective administrator, they have to wait for someone else to make changes to their names.


On cheap dedicated server, it can be ensured that security breaches can only be attributed to your own actions and not to other people.

Hardware Specifications

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when choosing a dedicated server specification is the hardware. The customer can see and touch it, making it an easy starting point. Choosing the right hardware on the first day is critical to ensure that the balance between not specifying too much, wasting money and not specifying too little, and therefore there is a need to upgrade early. Every application is different and therefore the load on a server is very difficult to estimate. Pages, hits, visitors, data transfer / month can serve as guidelines, but the variability of the load from one application to another can be so significant (and implementation specific) that these numbers may not tell the user much.

Hardware Components

Let’s look at the core hardware components on the server so that the user can see which ones need to be considered when specifying a server. This table only tries to discuss the components in relation to the possibility of a future upgrade and the impact of the failure of this component on the provision of services.

Availability Monitoring

Depending on the purchase of the service, the dedicated hosting provider is responsible for monitoring the availability of the service to varying degrees. If the user needs to know when the services go up or down, the service provider must be able to provide these reports to the user. The client should look for email or SMS based warning options.


Most Germany and France Dedicated Server comes with an initial data transfer allowance. This can vary from a few GB in Australia to a terabyte offered by some hosting providers overseas. Before the user gets away with choosing the host with the most bandwidth, try to figure out how much bandwidth is actually needed, and then make sure that the hosting package that the user chooses meets this requirement.

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Providers that offer excessive bandwidth allocations may not always be the best choice. They can also be attractive to other high-bandwidth clients that will later overload the network, or to a service that does not offer the same bandwidth quality as other providers.

Performance isolation: When websites are hosted in this way, the website does not suffer a setback because the operation and sources of a website are separate. This becomes very important in the long run because the user can easily control and restructure dedicated resources at any time. Function isolation: This type of server does not share any application or service with other servers on the same platform. Everyone is allocated limited resources for CPU usage, memory and processes.

Cost-cutting advantage: The cost of maintaining such a server is far lower than the total cost of operating a cheap, dedicated server. However, the cut is only limited to cost and not to other functions, since the user can get the same level of security, flexibility and additional resources as the user with an inexpensive dedicated server. The level of flexibility the user gains is largely at the expense of what he or she could have paid for dedicated servers.

The perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses: The virtual server is a blessing for small and medium-sized companies that host their website with a nominal amount of money per year. In practice, only a large number of companies that trade online and receive more traffic require an inexpensive, dedicated server with large hosting space and other dedicated hardware. However, small and medium-sized websites can enjoy similar hosting services and flexibility using virtual web hosting. The virtual host has received great help with the custom resource requirements that individual websites require.

Although the performance and reliability of the dedicated servers is significantly higher, the difference to virtual servers for small and medium-sized websites is not significant. When the user selects a virtual server, the user pays for a portion of the server with custom server requests. And these resources can expand as the user grows.

Find out why virtual servers with medium and small web hosting have an advantage over Germany dedicated server.

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