Cybersecurity Tips to Better Protect Your Data

Cybersecurity Tips to Better Protect Your Data


Worldwide, it has been reported that an average internet user spends at least 145 minutes per day on social media platforms. Personal information is provided voluntarily by internet users on numerous websites and applications. In the wrong hands, personal information and data can compromise the safety of people. The least privilege principle is an example of a widely-used cybersecurity strategy. What are other cybersecurity tips you can use to better protect your data?

Apply the Principle of Least Privilege

Companies can apply the least privilege principle strategy in their cybersecurity practices.

Suppose you are acquiring an intern. You need to know what type of tasks the intern will be required to do. Armed with this knowledge, you can deduce the level of access the intern will need to sufficiently accomplish his or her work without compromising the security of the sensitive information within the company. Only authorized employees with legitimate reasons should be given access to certain data.

Be mindful that different roles based on their activities and responsibilities will have different privileges. By only granting the necessary and sufficient permissions to specific users within a given time, the unintentional or improper uses of privilege are minimized.

Encrypt your Data

You can enhance your cybersecurity by utilizing encryption tools. The encryption process converts the original data into an unreadable code that can be decrypted using a password or “key.” Sensitive data that is sent across networks are vulnerable to hacks and malware; therefore, it is a good practice to make sure it is encrypted.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In recent years, more companies have been the target of cyber hacks such as IBM, Facebook, and Google. The personal information of thousands of users was leaked, so companies started using Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA ­to verify the user trying to access the data. Audit logs can detect and report suspicious behavior.

Keep Your Systems Up to Date

You can avoid the risk of security weaknesses by regularly keeping your operating systems and software up to date. Make sure your firmware and firewall software is also updated against vulnerabilities. Your data can be compromised due to viruses, malware, phishing techniques, and spyware. You can protect your data by providing reliable anti-virus software on your company laptops and computers. You can also equip your employees with cybersecurity training to become aware of digital security threats and avoid scams.

Be Cautious Online

Be aware of any links you are clicking, especially on emails. Avoid unnecessary downloads and be careful when downloading software or any file that is not authorized by the company. Exercise caution when visiting unknown websites and veer away from posting sensitive information on the internet.


In cybersecurity, remember that there is a difference between sensitive information and publicly accessible information. The least privilege principle controls the access of individuals based on the need to know. By keeping your systems updated with encryption tools, anti-virus software, and multi-factor authentication, you can protect your company against the exploitation of malicious intruders. Take note of the tips above, so you can be extra cautious online.

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