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Commandments to Get the Most Out of Your Scent Candles


You can light one to make bath time more ritual or to brighten up your living space, but scented candles can transform any environment from mundane to extraordinary. We often burn them, not knowing how to properly use them. Here are 10 commands to help you get the best out of your scented candles.

Trimming the wick:

A wick should be about one-eighth of an inch in length. If the wick is too long, trim it before you light the candle for the first time. This will ensure that the candle burns evenly.

Let it burn:

After lighting the candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt until there is about a centimeter worth of liquid wax evenly distributed across the surface. This will ensure your candle burns evenly and prevent any well-forming in the middle.

Put it out with a long-stemmed, elegant snuffer. You should also snuff the candle out, not blow it out. The candle will produce smoke and chemicals if it is extinguished with air. You don’t need a snuffer to do this. A spoon could be used to cover the flame and turn it off. You can also snuff the wick by dipping it once more in wax. This will ensure that it lights easily and burns evenly.

Mixing the scents is a good idea

 After a certain point, it becomes difficult to identify the fragrance in a candle. Instead of using one scent, try several candle fragrance oils in different rooms to detect the change in perfume as you move about.

Be aware of your space.

 A single candle is fine in a bath, but a candle would be too small for a living room. You will need more candles if your room is larger. To help the fragrance waft up, place them on a low table.

Citrus is good for energy:

Mandarin orange blossom, neroli, and orange blossom are all great scents that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Flowers can be used for fun.

Roses, jasmines, peonies, and lilies are all great options. Mix it all up to create a refreshing, airy cocktail party.

Spices can help you focus. Frankincense and sandalwood are well-known for increasing concentration. These scents make candles ideal for meditation and working.

You can also top them with linen sprays. Most scented candles include linen sprays in the same fragrance blends. Spray a few drops of the spray on your bedding to make it look more luxurious. You can also use the spray to perfume your home, just as you would for perfume.

Clean them: Clean the candle’s votive (the container sides from the inside), and get rid of all soot. Soot won’t stick to your candle the next time it burns.

Do not burn your candle to the end. This is a fire hazard. Instead, throw it out when there are two inches or less of wax left in either a container or a freestanding candle.

You must use a candle snuffer for extinguishing a candle. It prevents hot wax from splattering.

Place thy candle into a sturdy candleholder if your candleholder is not heat-resistant, sturdy, and able to catch drips, you might need to get a new one.

Do not light a candle that has a flickering flame or a high flame.

The wick should be cut to 1/4 inches at all times. Warped wicks have a higher chance of burning unevenly, dripping, or flaring up.

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