Boost your co-working space Security with a Visitor Management System

Boost your co-working space Security with a Visitor Management System


The visitor management system for an office is software that allows community managers to automate the reception area. This type of system brings many benefits to those who use it.

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Why you need a visitor management systemin your office, what types of systems are available in the market, how to choose a visitor management system for co-worker.

Do I need a visitor management system for my office?

The core of each can be described in one simple sentence. You must register visitors quickly and efficiently, capture key information, and tell the host of the guest’s arrival.

The reality is that office don’t have a lot of staff, they just don’t need it. An office is usually full of members working on their own projects and interacting with each other, clients and partners.

How many people manage your office?

The answer is probably one or two. What would you prefer, a community manager at the desk all the time greeting those who arrive, or a manager involved in more important activities? You probably want a manager to do both, greet people, and help build a community. With an automated registration process, you can achieve maximum efficiency with your small staff.

Does your office sponsor workshops and informal meetings with the aim of creating a community among the members? These events provide good opportunities for publicity. You show customers, prospects and visitors what the meeting space has to offer. Directing guests to visit at an automated kiosk allows your community manager to control the show, greet and establish connections.

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Office software combined with a visitor management system not only simplifies the manager’s life. Your office space needs it to build a digital database of possible connections. When you meet each visitor at the meeting, there is no shame in calling them, sending them a note, or inviting them to learn more about the benefits of membership in your workspace.

More benefits when using office software for visitor management

We have already covered some of the benefits that a visitor management system can provide to an office. Now we are going to structure the ones we have mentioned and we are going to add some more top employee monitoring software.

You know who your visitors are and that helps you reduce risks and increase security. A visitor management system allows your visitors to pre-register their visit and enter all relevant details. You can quickly process their details in advance and bring planned and unplanned visits under control.

Get notifications and prepare better for visits. When the visitor pre-registers, they receive a notification with all the essential details on their mobile phone or email. This helps speed up registration at the security gate. When the visitor enters the premises, an arrival notification is also sent to the receiving party.

Provide visitors with electronic passes or physical passes. The visitor management system offers options to create an electronic pass with access rights or a physical pass for visitors with the following information – visitor name, photograph, contact details, organization name and escort name. It also contains a record of all materials and the visitor’s ID to add another extra layer of security.

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Last but not the least, you should definitely have one software for your company because it helps in registering the visitors quickly and efficiently, it also captures their key information, as well as tell the host about the guest’s arrival. Therefore, Vizitor app is one of best management software that can used by companies because it helps them in every possible and correct way to maintain the data of their visitors. Hence, you are recommended to use management softwares like Vizitor as they are the only softwares that will help in reducing the burden of paperwork.

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