An Ultimate Wayfarer Ray-Ban Guide

An Ultimate Wayfarer Ray-Ban Guide


We can all agree that one of the most popular sunglasses on the market is a Wayfarer, mainly since they feature plastic frames combined with dark lenses.

Generally, numerous movies in the last sixty years feature this particular type of shades, so they increased in popularity and became highly important for everyone.

As soon as you start wearing this particular type of shade, you will represent others that you are okay with classic things.

When others see you in them, it will seem like you have nothing else to provide, which is a great option that will bring you both aesthetical appeal and greater confidence.

This detailed guide will help you determine the basics of this type of shade, including different options you can find, the fundamentals, brief history, and other factors to help you with the process.

Why Should You Choose Wayfarers?

The market features a wide array of different styles that you choose based on your preferences and needs. Therefore, the question is why you should choose this particular option instead of others.

For instance, they will not provide you wraparound frames that are perfect for athletics and outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, they are not for bicycle racing and playing golf.

Simultaneously, they are not boxy, oversized, and flashy, which means that they do not draw attention to themselves compared with other models you can find on the market.

Instead, this particular type of frame and style is a fashion statement, especially since it is a great option that fits almost any face shape, skin tone, and outfit.

Therefore, you can enjoy both stylish and simple features that you will get from them, which is the main reason for their popularity.

When it comes to Ray-Ban Sunglasses, you should know that this particular style is one of the most popular and recognizable on the market apart from Aviator-style.

Function and Form

You probably know that they feature basic design, including plastic frames that will provide you a sunglass shape. Since it features a horizontal bar on the nose, you will get rounded lens frames and perfect aesthetical appeal.

The corners of it are out of the bit, which means that they will not curve your face’s shapes but provide you a balanced perspective.

You have seen them in numerous flicks, including “The Blues Brothers” and “Risky Business,” among other places. They started as distinct models, and today, you can find them wherever you go.

A Brief History

Everything started when a US eyeglass manufacturer created the first Ray-Ban brand in the late-30s. Their designer created this particular shape twenty years afterward, in the early-50s.

However, in the middle of a decade, this particular style became highly popular after the movie “Rebel without a Cause,” in which James Dean wore them.

That created a significant boom in the shade industry, mainly because they became the first option that combined functionality and style.

They became highly popular and became not just an accessory people wear to prevent the sun from entering their eyes, but they became a fashion statement.

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That is when other companies implemented their imitations and designs. For instance, US President John F. Kennedy wore a similar design made by another company.

Ray-Ban Company started paying a product-placement firm to feature their shades in movies, increasing their popularity and bringing them from potential bankruptcy.

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