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Advantages Of WPT Power Corporation Hydraulic Winches


The advantages of WPT Power Corporation hydraulic winches include various features and benefits. These features include Water-cooled hydraulic brakes, pilotless PTO, high power take-off, and versatility. In this article, we’ll go over a few of those features. But, if you’re unsure which type of hydraulic winch you need, keep reading! Listed below are some other essential elements to consider.

Water-cooled brakes

WPT Power Corporation produces a complete line of high-quality, industrial-grade water-cooled hydraulic brakes and clutches. Their Water-Cooled brakes are designed to withstand extreme thermal loads while ensuring maximum torque and safety. As a result, water-cooled hydraulic brakes are the most reliable option for heavy-duty braking applications. In addition, WPT’s Low Inertia (LI) clutch is ideal for parking and fail-safe applications and is designed to maximize torque for maximum safety.

Water-cooled brakes on WPT Power Company hydraulic winches have a long history of producing reliable torque while delivering unmatched heat dissipation. This braking system controls the descent of a drilling pipe, which generates a tremendous amount of energy. The WCB uses an external water-to-air cooling system to dissipate the heat and maintain optimum braking performance. Water-cooled brakes are also capable of operating in a continuous slip tensioning situation.

Pilotless PTO

WPT Power Corporation manufactures a full line of pilotless PTO hydraulic winches. Pilotless (TM) PTO systems feature a stand-alone hydraulic power unit that incorporates a self-contained hydraulic reservoir. Pilotless hydraulic winches are factory-set for the appropriate application. The company also offers a complete line of hydraulic clutches and brakes. Water-cooled brakes are suitable for vehicles with large thermal loads.

The Pilotless(TM) Over-the-Shaft (OTS) Power Take-off from WPT Power eliminates the pilot bearing, and increases sideload capacity over competitive units. Moreover, Pilotless PTO hydraulic winches are available in various sizes and configurations. Designed to fit into the same size and space requirements as conventional PTO clutches, WPT Pilotless PTO hydraulic winches provide a faster installation time and reduce downtime.

High capacity power take-off

WPT Power Corporation’s hydraulic winches are a high-capacity option for various sideload applications. These winches feature massive spherical roller bearings, a self-adjusting clutch, and remote engagement. They also feature heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs for easy drive belt removal. In addition to being highly efficient, WPT’s hydraulic winches can be purchased with hydraulic or air actuation, allowing them to be used with either electric or gas engines.

Power Take-off is an efficient way to transfer waste energy  from an external source into usable energy for towing. Without power take-off, pulling is impossible. As a result, Power Take-off is essential for many applications. With an extensive range of models, you can find the right one to meet your needs. And because of its compact design, WPT Power’s hydraulic winches can withstand various working conditions.


WPT Power Corporation’s hydraulic winches provide exceptional versatility for towing and recovery, mining, and utility applications. These winches meet or exceed industry standards with their high horsepower power take-offs. In addition, they feature constant pull capacity and fast line speed. WPT hydraulic winches can be customized to fit the requirements of various applications. Read on to learn more about these versatile winches. After reading this article, you’ll be well on efficiently achieving your towing and recovery goals.

The WPT Power Take-Off is a proven, high-quality mechanical power take-off for in-line and sideload applications. The Pilotless PTO eliminates the pilot bearing, allowing more side load capacity over competitive models. In addition to increasing side load capacity, WPT Power’s Pilotless PTO reduces maintenance and downtime. And the PTO features a sealed main bearing, which means no oil or grease to worry about.


WPT  Power Corporation is a Texas company founded in 1992  that has grown to become an international player in industrial clutches, hydraulic pump drives, winches, and oilfield equipment. Its winch products are designed for various industries and have earned recognition from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The company exports 40 to 45 percent of its products globally, making it a reliable partner in the power transmission industry.

WPT Power rewards its employees for maintaining an exceptional safety record. The company began its reward program a thousand nine hundred days ago, rewarding employees who reach specific benchmarks with cash bonuses and company-catered lunches. For example, employees who get the 1,150-day mark are eligible for a 32-inch television. In addition, the company has divided its facility into zones, each evaluating the other monthly. The winning zone wins a coveted company lunch, and employees who perform the highest on safety assessments get a bonus.

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