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5 Types of Web Hosting Services that You Should Know


Advancements in technology have forced businesses to go online for promoting their products and services or brands. The extensive use of the Internet has made organizations have a website, even if it is to communicate their hours of operation and locations. A domain name or website address helps visitors access your website easily. With web hosting, you can have an online presence. Nevertheless, finding suitable web hosting services is not easy owing to innumerable web hosting providers.

Whether you own a business or run a profession, you need to promote it to get customers. This asks for an active website, which hosting companies can help you with the best hosting solutions and plans.Here are five types of web hosting services offered, and you can choose the one that suits your business.

1. Shared web hosting

Where multiple websites share a single server, it is called shared web hosting. The main advantage of choosing a shared hosting is the cost of the server is shared by the websites hosted on it. For instance, your website A is hosted on a server that is shared by the websites B, C, D and E. With various shared hosting plans, you can choose the one that is affordable to you.

However, this service has a disadvantage that the performance of one site with heavy traffic can adversely affect the other site on the server. A shared hosting plan is better for a startup company, which does not get enough traffic.

2. Dedicated web hosting

With a dedicated web hosting service, you rent a server for yourself from a website hosting company. If you require a lot of server resources, you go for a dedicated server. Though it is expensive, you have ‘root’ permissions or full control of it. Unlike a shared hosting service, your resources are not used by other websites, and hence, you don’t have to worry about your website slowing down.

You can choose from different dedicated server plans such as standard, professional and enterprise. The price for it starts from £100 or more for the standard plan. Those businesses that get a lot of traffic and look for maximum performance and security can opt for dedicated servers. The plans include24/7 support, SSH root access, latest OS version and full console access with start, stop and reboot.

3. WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting is from the popular WordPress.org, and it is for those businesses that want to build their website using this free website building platform. Most web hosting service providers offer optimized WordPress hosting plans to keep the installations up-to-date, enable automatic backups, creating live website on a dedicated staging environment, round-the-clock site monitoring, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and 24/7 technical support.

Using the WordPress platform for an optimized plan can be affordable for startup or new businesses. You have plans starting from £1.

4. VPS web hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) offers storage to multiple websites. A VPS web hosting service is to an extent similar to shared hosting, but unlike the shared one, it offers better performance, security and reliability. Within a shared server, it duplicates the dedicated server environment. With Linux servers as dedicated VPS hosting, you can obtain optimized performance with the highest amount of resources, increased flexibility, and high reliability and redundancy for your large website.

5. Custom server hosting

Should you need it, custom servers are built to meet your requirement. With this hosting service, you can have your configuration upgraded within your control panel. You have the flexibility to choose the hardware that fit in your specification. Opting for this service, you can find round-the-clock technical support from experienced engineers.

You can choose the web hosting services based on the hosting packages. Before deciding on the plan, look for the features, and ensure that they have what you need.

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