5 Eggless Cakes Every Vegetarian Will Love

A piece of cake can make everything right. Don’t you agree with this? There’s no greater joy in the world than biting into a light, moist, and tasty cake. Upon reading this, vegetarians must be frowning because they think cakes can’t be moist and fluffy without eggs. But, here is a sweet piece of news for every vegetarian, eggless cake can taste soft and sweet. Whenever you are baking a cake at home without eggs, keep these tips in mind. Your cake will sponge and light. Even the bakers swear by these tips, and hence you very well know why eggless bakery cakes taste as good as their counterparts. We have also mentioned eggless cake varieties that you can easily bake at home. Tips to Follow: Do not overbeat the batter. Mix it light and gentle to maintain the texture of the cake. Do not add all the dry ingredients all together, it will deflate the airy batter prepared by you using fat and sugar. Add the ingredients one by one and gently combine. Cooling the cake for too long can make it dense and flat. If you are using vinegar or lime juice, add it in the end. Don’t add raising agents in higher quantities than needed. Use as per the recipe instructions. Always allow the cake to cool before you cut or frost it. Eggless Cake Varieties To Bake At Home Eggless Atta Cake: Healthier than the regular cakes, atta cake won’t make you fret about the calories but will ensure you relish every bit of it. Add to the batter, cinnamon powder, and crunchy nuts for aroma and distinct flavour. Atta cake is a light dessert perfect for a post-meal sweet dish or evening snack. Eggless Marble Cake: Oh! The love for chocolate and vanilla streaks is endless. A good old marble cake baked eggless with milk and vinegar. The vinegar will give the cake the desired moist, fluffy texture. For the perfect streaks, pour one spoonful of chocolate batter in the centre, and then another spoonful of vanilla batter in the centre of the chocolate one. Repeat the process till you reach the last streak. Eggless Date Cake: The flavour of nuts and dates in a cake taste great. That’s the inspiration for this eggless cake variety. In the batter, fold a handful of dates and nuts. Dates are highly nutritious with high protein, vitamin and iron content. Satiate your sweet pangs without guilt. Date cake can be best enjoyed with a cup of warm tea in the winters. Eggless Chocolate Cake: The king of cakes. We say this, because chocolate cake is love, any day and anytime. This eggless variant is dense and delicious to the core. Chocolate cake is the first preference for any birthday or party. So, treat your vegetarian friend or family member with this eggless birthday cake in everyone’s favourite, chocolate flavour. Eggless Vanilla Cake: Eggless vanilla cake that can be baked in a cooker. Yes, with a few ingredients available at home, such as all-purpose flour, milk, baking powder, baking soda, sugar; you can bake this irresistible eggless vanilla cake. What’s with the wait? Go, bake, and relish these sinful eggless cakes.

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