Ways To Prepare For NEET 2021 At Home

Ways To Prepare For NEET 2021 At Home


When it comes to exam preparation, there is one synonymous query that pops up – “How to prepare for competitive exams at home”. This is because competitive tests, NEET to be precise, is the direct getaway for you to pursue your dream medical course in preferred medical colleges.

Most students get on journeys to explore while most others have to take up self studying as NEET online coaching would not be an option for many. Hence, in this article, we shed light on some important exam preparation tips through the various methodologies handy in cracking competitive exams.

The road to preparation and achieving success at it is not a rosy one. Year on, thousands of students join the bandwagon. Aspirants of NEET 2021 must funnel through their way to qualify and get selected.

Preparation For NEET At Home

1. Know the ins and outs of the exam

One of the first things you need to do before diving deep into preparation of NEET is getting acquainted with the complete details of the exam, level of knowledge required, selection process, syllabus, important chapters and so on. With this knowledge, you can shape your path accordingly.

2. Formulate your strategy

Once you have acquired the fundamental know-how, get down to chalking a plan, strategizing for accomplishing your goals. Plan both your strategy of preparation and answering at the exam hall. Complete the syllabus on time and revise course material; practice all the more. Revisions and practise sessions add to your confidence levels which no other factor can substitute.

3. Gather course material

Half the job is done when you know what to study and from where. Collect study material for each subject. In the case of NEET to crack NEET 2021, one must master NCERT syllabus.

4. Getting into a routine

Routine sets a benchmark for your preparation. It gives direction to your preparation. Set realistic goals, feasible ones and achieve them on a daily basis. Stay consistent and follow your routine strictly.

5. Solve question papers

Preparation for any competitive exams is incomplete without solving previous years’ questions papers. In addition to getting a precise idea of the question pattern, marking scheme etc, one also gets to figure out the recurring questions and hence predict the probable questions.

6. Seek assistance

Do not step back from seeking help. The more you ask questions, the more your hold on a subject gets stronger. Focus on strengthening your basics.

7. Keep yourself motivated always

Success is driven by motivation. One may not always be successful at his first or second attempt. In such instances, one must not lose hope. Remember, the competition is higher than ever and seats limited. This is why the restriction on the number of attempts at NEET has also been dismissed now. Hence, viewing through a realistic lens, one must deal with patience and keep self motivated. Keep moving forward.

Increase your levels of concentration by indulging in some meditation sessions. It gets one into a state of self-belief, boosts one’s confidence, which is vital. Cracking any competitive test needs a high level of determination combined with an optimistic approach.

These were some ways to prepare for NEET at home. Alternatively, you can visit BYJU’S YouTube Channel for more information.

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