How to create a website

How to create a website: steps, tips and ideas not to despair


If you are wondering how to create a website, you are probably thinking of launching a business or making a personal website. I will not fool you. Creating a website for free or in two steps is quite complicated, but don’t worry, with a little interest on your part you can create the best website in the world.

In this article you will find the essential steps that you have to follow, some design ideas and a series of tips that will not leave you indifferent.

I give you different tips and some ideas to create a website in the simple way possible.

What is a web page?

It may seem like a very silly question, but what parts does a web page have or what elements are essential for it. A web page is a document available on the Internet encoded and with a specific language. These pages can be accessed through Internet browsers, which receive the information in the document and interpret the code so that the end user sees the information in a visual way.

Currently, web pages need to be scalable. That is, they can be modified or expanded at any time. This allows more flexibility for companies. Within a web we can find text; images and photographs; videos; contact forms and products, in the case of an online store.

Are website builders like Webnode, Wix, or 1 & 1 helpful?

You may have come to this article by Googling some information on how to create a web page. The first results that appear all belong to pages in which to create a website using an online tool and highlight that it is a simple process. I am referring for example to Wix, Jimdo or Webnode, among others.

You can also use Vuejs template to get better results in terms of business success. Vuetify Templates are faster and are user-friendly.

My first advice is to run away from these types of pages because they are a bit of a sell out for aspects that they name as:

Create your website in three steps

Whatever your goal when creating a website, I don’t think these platforms are the most suitable for it. It is likely that you can have your website created in three steps, but they are not enough to create a minimally complete website. If you are looking to create a professional website, betting on Wix or 1 & 1 is not the most appropriate.

Edit your website in seconds

As easy as it is to use the internal editor, it is impossible to have a web page in seconds. Create the texts, find the appropriate images, assemble the structure, the linking … etc. Creating a web page requires many hours of work, but nothing happens, because the more time spent on the web page, the better the result.

Get your website for free

This is one of the big lies of website builders. The fact that it is free, implies creating the web page in a subdomain. For example, Wix, Webnode or 1 & 1 point out that there An editor is free, but it is necessary to buy a domain and hire a hosting. Thus, it is much more worth using WordPress to make the web (CMS that is free) and using a template if you do not have advanced design knowledge. The process will be the same as creating a web page on Wix.

Essential steps to create a web page

If you follow these steps, you will have no problem creating the perfect website for your company.

1.Plan your work well

A web page can have different purposes and depending on what you want to do you will need to set up one structure or another. The style of the design, the contents, the keywords you want to attack, the contact forms, the photographs, videos … etc.

Types of web pages:

  1. Personal Website / Portfolios
  2. Company / Corporate Website
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Services Website
  5. Landing Page
  6. Choose the domain and hosting

It is impossible for you to have a web page without these two elements. Hosting is the space where the web page and all the contents that make it up are hosted. Depending on the size of the website you will need a more powerful web host. For example, an e-commerce with many products will need a lot of space. However, a corporate page that is only informational and does not have any internal applications, you will not need great things.

4.Choose the ideal CMS for your website and install

Moving away from these design tools “in three clicks”, we find that there are a series of content managers that allow you to create web pages from scratch with good results. At NeoAttack we always bet on WordPress as the best option to create a web page. And it is the manager that has always offered us the best results.

However, WordPress is an easy manager to use both when designing the web and using it later. And on the Internet there are many articles and tutorials in which to find out and see how to manage a website from scratch. I recommend it if you want to create a simple and powerful page; that is subsequently positioned among the first results of Google and is visually attractive.

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The point of installation depends on the content manager that you are going to use to create the web page. As I have already mentioned, I would recommend you to use WordPress without any doubt. Also, it is not very complicated to install if you follow the steps correctly.

5.Raise the web structure

The concept of web structure refers to the organization and distribution of the elements on a website. As well as deciding how the different pages are related to each other; which will be the top pages and which will have to depend on others; which pages should be shown in the top menu and which in the footer.

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When someone thinks about the design of a web page, they can only stay on the visual surface, but the architecture is also important to achieve a good result.

Some tips to create an optimal web structure

  • Don’t go overboard with the number of internal pages. How many pages are appropriate? The amount depends on the sector in which the web page operates, but it is true that the more pages, the more difficult it will be for the user to navigate. Especially when there are several layers.
  • Bet on minimalism. In addition to following this design trend, minimalism can help us understand what a correct menu should look like: less is more. It’s enough if you just include the essentials and keywords.
  • Focus on usability and user experience. The user experience is the set of factors related to the interaction of the user on the website in question. In other words, when creating a page you have to think about who is going to enter it and how we can make it easy for them to reach their goal. This is usability, the element that refers to the ease with which users can use the web.

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